Sol has announced his return to the US, and Seattle in his latest video. Sol informed his fans today that he will be returning in April. We can only expect great things for Sol, he’s released multiple songs while away, he’s done videos, and in this video he raps about how he’s realized that rapping isn’t everything. Does that mean that his views have changed? Can we expect the same vibes that made his last album (Yours Truly) so successful? Will he be able to build off of Macklemore’s success and be the next up-and-comming artist out of the Northwest music scene? These are just a few questions that I’m sure most of you are asking yourself as well.

Sol has become known for his chill tunes, and he has continually delivered great tracks for all of his fans. If Sol can continue his successful promotions and continue to provide his fans a look into his life, he will most likely become the next artist to hit it big out of the Northwest. I was somewhat surprised (even though we are in the Northwest) that he wasn’t even in consideration for XXL’s Freshman class. Mainly because he released Yours Truly last year and it had a great reception, getting to number one on the iTunes charts. But I guess it’s more about what you have done recently, and since Sol has been gone for a while, he’s been out of people’s minds. We will expect to see him on there next year. Take a look and listen to the video below and let us know what you think!

As always, you can find Sol on Twitter and Facebook, where he has been giving us constant updates while he’s been away traveling the world.