After taking a month to showcase some less-talked about talent, we decided it was time for another edition of #TheseSongsSlap. Joey Brabo and myself are proud to have some newbies on this month’s list along with some of our PNW favorites!

As always, if you have some tracks or know someone who has some tracks please feel free to send them our way!

#TheseSongsSlap | May 2016 Edition

The thing I like the most about Kai Wachi is how easily he plays around with the bass genres. The first drop hits hard but what I really like is my favorite part  later in the song at 2:30. – LB

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“While I will always miss the heavy days of Jakzon, the change in his sound keeps impressing me. The vocals are what hooks me and I bet you can’t guess the original track they are from.  I like it when he slows it down at 2:40.” – LB

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Token has been producing a tracks with a reggae flair since 2010. I really like Portside’s rapping in this track, it matches the beat really well. Token label’s the genre of this track as “Twerk Hall” and I promise the thought will cross your mind at least once. Pay special attention at 2:50.” – LB

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“The Northwest bass scene is blowing up right in front of our faces thanks to LEViTATE & Justin Hartinger tearing things up in the studio. You’re should probably check out a set from them soon before one of them puts together a major tour and leaves us all behind.” – JB

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AMF is blowing up across most dance music blogs and with plenty of reason. Their combination of epic buildups and heavy drops is really the perfect amount of grime and filth that I look for in my bass music.” – JB

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“Beauflexx is heavy hitter from deep within the community and the bangers just keep coming! Getting That Riot (The BootyLeg) is no exception from an artist we’ve come to know and love. This track hits hard and has some sweet grime to get you all riled up! Originally from Seattle and currently residing in Spokane, WA, Beauflexx has been exercising dance floors across the greater northwest for over a decade.” – CivilX

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“With a strong future Seattle sound, SixFour is poised to break into the bigs with this hot new DnB track titled Panik. Giant rises and lofty lows set this track above and beyond the pack! Drum & Bass dj/producer based out of Washington.
Releases on Betamorph Digital, Skankandbass, Mayan Audio” – CivilX

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Kendoll is an upcoming artist out of Seattle who likes to play with the deep sounds of electronic music. This track has multiple elements to it that keep your attention and pair well with the vocals. Our favorite part is at 1:50.

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“Doozy is one of my favorite local artists because he doesn’t just play one genre. I particular enjoy hearing him blend different sounds and I’ve already listened to this mix about 10 times. It’s my go-to music for the morning commute and it really helps to start my day with some positive vibes.” – JB

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“Instant Party has been making moves nonstop for the last two years and has been producing some FIRE original music lately. He has managed to make a name for himself with some of the dopest trap songs I’ve ever heard but still hasn’t truly established himself as one of the region’s premier talents. Hopefully dude starts showing more love to the culture here in the Northwest and I’m sure more diehard fans will follow. ” – JB

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