Today I wanted to shed some light on one of the most talented music and visual producers I know, Steven Trueba.

I felt this immense energy radiating from him the first time we met. Steven was an enigma. I didn’t quite understand what I was dealing with, but I knew greatness when I saw it.

“It’s the unknown that draws people.”

― E.A. Bucchianeri

If I had to put words to it I’d say Steven is the most innovative and versatile artist I’ve ever met. Immersion in art is his mantra. Creative freedom is his modus operandi. I could write 100 pages attempting to explain what I hear from him, but I’ll let the music do the talking on this one. Coming off of 5 recently released productions it is very clear that Steven is a machine when it comes to content creation.

TeZATalks – “In The Dark” [Produced by Steven Trueba]
Anomaly Music Collective – CANDLIGHT – “Walk Away” [Set for re-release through AIA: Chinchilla]
Andie Case – “So Low” [Produced by Steven Trueba]
Jessie Siren – “The Sway” [Produced by Steven Trueba]

And it doesn’t stop there. 2017 is going to be a big year for Steven. He already has a big release planned for his work with TeZATalks that we have to keep hush for now. What we can say is be sure to check out Hegemon in the coming months.

Steven also has an upcoming 2017 release producing for Jessie Siren‘s Debut EP. Of course this is just a fraction of what is to come. During our interview I decided to ask Steven some questions to get information straight from the source.

Real Respects Real: Steven Discusses His Current Work


Q: Which came first fried chicken or the scrambled egg? Yes this is a trick question.
A: Catfish. Final Answer.

Collaborative projects

Q: Tell us a little about the various projects you are working on.

A: TeZATalks: This project is my main focus as of now. It features an aesthetic that is raw; truly creative and unrestricted madness. Forthcoming, The Chaos EP embodies the spirit of making music. Her writing is some of my favorite and her adaptability allows my complete production freedom. We never know what will come out, but it’s always fresh.

Jesse Siren: The project with Jessie has developed into more of a tribal earthy feel although it started as a pop electronic act. Her voice is something special; she sounds good on just about anything. Her vision for the record was something that was intimate and warm; modern but reminiscent of a vintage sound. It’s important that I credit Jason Lackie for his amazing mix job on her upcoming EP. His contributions with Fastback Studios really brought her vision to fruition.

Contributing Projects

DEELYLE: I started involvement with the DEELYLE brand in a visual capacity with 3RD I OPN first. When we drew up the concepts for this project we wanted it to feel like cirque du soleil. I wanted to compliment his mantra of multidimensional expression by having every song have a different visual feel and dynamic. Things have continued to evolve and I’m now assisting in the branding and a bit of song production as well.

Kody Ryan: Kody is an amazing songwriter. I’m basically here just to help him shape some of his textures in his music and refine his already existing creative direction in the soundscape.

Andie Case: I actually got in contact with them years ago. We have attempted working together several times, but the scheduling never worked out. Producing “So Low” was when our paths finally came together. I learned a lot about the Pop side of writing records from Andie and Ajay Marshall. I had a great week staying out at their spot doing the production and helping record the vocals with Naphtali Smith. Their team is really professional. We were under a pretty intense deadline and every piece of the chain moved very smoothly.

Solo Projects

CANDLIGHT:  The sound for this project will be evolving a lot as time goes on. Right now it’s a chill melodic project, but its going to be my creative space to try out my own lyrical and vocal ideas as well as collaborative brand to provide a platform to collaborate with new vocalists and writers on a 1 off basis.

3RD I OPN: Is my visuals and video production company. I find the audio and visual sides of things to be both stimulating and rewarding.

Q: I know a lot of people talk about the speed of light. Have you ever thought about the speed of darkness?

A: Sith won’t let me talk about it….you can look forward to more info later this year. #illuminati

Q: If you could be an animal one day when you are a big kid what would you be?

A: A falcon. They fly so fast, and have amazing sight.

Check out the links below for information on Steven’s projects!

Steven Trueba