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What Makes Respect My Region Different?

Respect My Region was established in February of 2011. It was established with the simple idea that RMR would be a unique lifestyle, experience based brand. We would build a brand that incorporated music, fashion, and lifestyle into a brand that represents the Northwest region. RMR has grown into its own in the short time is has been in existence, and it’s the fans that have made it what it is today. The fans are what continue to drive the decision making for RMR, we constantly try to provide our fans with things that they would enjoy rather then things that are popular in the main stream media. This is why our website and social media has become such an important part for the company.

The goal of RMR isn’t to blow up fast and make money quick. Our path is a slow and steady upward climb to establish a company on strong building blocks and unique values. We don’t always follow trends, or do what every main stream company is doing, but that’s what makes us unique. We would rather have a strong brand with a great knowledgeable customer base, then a company that’s around for a short period of time but becomes a fad rather then a true street wear brand. We pride ourselves on success built by fans and want to continue to not only represent that population but connect them to our goals and values in hopes that they can pursue their own dreams. We strive to spread our brand throughout Seattle, Portland, and all of the Northwest.

About the Team

Mitch Pfeifer and Andy Layman began their friendship in early 2003 at Ellensburg High School. Mitch was producing music at the time and Andy had just started to get into graphics at EHS. But it’s from there they began a friendship that would eventually become a partnership. Mitch approached Andy in mid 2010 with the idea of starting RMR and they began the process of building the brand. They wanted Respect My Region to become a part of the northwest and to eventually expand RMR to reach other regions.

Later, Jake Miller was brought on to assist with running the web site day to day, and consulting and designing products. Later, Joey Brabo was added to help with promotion and marketing along with business consulting.

“We plan to produce clothing that represents the Northwest, mainly because the Northwest is where we are from. But we plan to push our clothing into other regions, and the name itself allows for us to do this easily. Our ultimate goal is to reach as many people as we can and to spread the identity that each region brings to the table.”

Although it is exciting to see RMR expand and become more recognizable, it’s even more enjoyable to have people tell us their personal story about how they found out about us. It’s those stories that make us keep doing what we do, and that keep inspiring us to create new gear. We are really excited for the future of RMR, we are at the beginning of a long road, and are excited to see where it takes us.