One of the Northwest’s up and coming producer/rapper and Respect My Region affiliate Mike Champoux has been hard at work preparing for this upcoming fall. He is currently pushing his first independent project “In Clouds” which has been purchased and downloaded over 1000 times in the last three months. He is also doing shows all around the Northwest and recording his next project “The Application.” Although producing, recording, and mixing all of his own tracks leaves him with little time to create beats for others, he has recently produced tracks for B. White of the 58’s and Coo Breeze. Both of these projects have sound production already, solidifying Champ’s skills on the boards away from the mic. Champoux may have taken school off all summer but he has definitely not stopped putting in work. Catch Mike and Respect My Region at up coming events:

Chehalis 10/1: The Shire, Collegiate West Regional Wakeboard Competition Official After Party
Spokane 10/2: A Club With Chip Tha Ripper
University of Washington 10/3: Retro Open Mic
Pullman 10/8: WSU
Ellensburg 10/21: Raw Space Hip-Hop Night

You can also watch his latest video below.

You can follow Mike Champoux on Twitter @MikeChampoux, or on Facebook.