After much anticipation and plenty of dates pushed back, SZA finally released her album CTRL. She keeps it uncomfortably real and shares the mind monsters and dark sides of being a woman by talking about her self-conscious thoughts that many women think about and can relate to. Talks and soundbites with women in her family about relationships and men, share her insecurities about her body, trying to keep up with and fight for a man’s attention that doesn’t know she exists and having a man she loves find a girl that is  “prettier” than her and choosing up.

Sza spills her guts out right on the table for you to see inside the mind of the awkward yet eccentric (and quite relatable) R&B singer. She recruited two hip-hop superstars on her album, Travis $cott on her popular single “Love Galore”, and Kendrick Lamar in her song about “p*ssy” and “Doves in the Wind.” With all of the social norms of what a “normal girl” is “supposed” to be and “supposed” to look and act like, it’s quite refreshing to hear Sza sing about being a REAL woman and the qualities she possesses regardless of her body type or her non-traditional assets.

She is a woman that truly loves a man for who he really is, like most women, wants to find a man willing to accept her, flaws and all.

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