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The Taylor Bridge Fire started on Monday, August 13th and has spread to over 22,000 acres. Construction workers working on the Taylor Bridge Project are believed to have started the fire. The strong winds and hot weather have created the perfect conditions for this massive wildfire, as it has spread in a matter of days to over 28,000 acres. The fire has destroyed over 70 homes, and many outbuildings. The community of Ellensburg has come together to help evacuate homes and animals and provide shelter for those without a home. This is truly a disaster of a magnitude the community has yet to see. The Ellensburg Film Festival Facebook page has been an excellent resource as far as updating the community almost hourly. In times of great tragedy it is amazing to see our community come together and offer selfless support to victims of this tragedy. The county fairgrounds has offered free shelter for animals, the local Holiday Inn has offered clothes, food, and toys for kids, while I also saw on Facebook that Munchkinland Daycare (1006 S. Ruby) has offered free childcare for anyone in need.

Central Washington University has been providing updates:

You can listen to local radio scanner for updates here:

You can see where the fire is on Google Maps here.

Below are some images from our friend Ashley Paschen.