After much anticipation, the final track of ‘Chaos’ has been released and we can sit down and appreciate this incredible work of art in one sitting in its entirety. Of course, I’m referring to none other than the Chaos EP released exclusively through by TeZATalks [Prod. by CANDLIGHT].

TeZATalks – Chaos EP

This EP is by far the best piece of music production I’ve have heard come out of the PNW. ‘Chaos’ is a work of art that bridges an emotional connection with its listeners. Raw, unapologetic and uncensored; TeZATalks sets the tone for the redefinition of electronic music.

I have had the pleasure of being very close with TeZA and CANDLIGHT over this last year and I have to say there isn’t a team that illustrates dedication better than these two. There is a stark contrast between those who do art and those who live art. The TeZATalks project is the quintessential example of art coming to life. The futuristic and melodic serenades paired with heart-wrenching and empowering pathos of ‘Chaos’ left me speechless.

I guess everyone that reads this might be curious as to which of the 6 tracks were my favorite. Honestly, I have to go with ‘Find Me’ because it has a certain level of flex associated with it. The vocals are empowering and the atmosphere of the song hit you on multiple levels. I get a huge Hip Hop/R&B/Electronic Fusion vibe from this track. Basically, ‘Find Me’ took everything I grew up on and put it into one magical piece of art. If you haven’t already, definitely check out Chaos if you want a life altering experience.

With that said, I’m going to let TeZATalks have the floor for a few with Real Respect Real.

Real Respects Real

Q: In one sentence explain what chocolate means to you. 

A: What chocolate means to me is exactly how I feel about laughing. I never want to go a day without:)

Q: What is the soundscape of TeZATalks? What do you want your listeners to feel?

A: A lot of it is CANDLIGHT’s experimentation in designing his own sounds which always inspires me to take more risk in my melodies and lyrics. I want people to inspired, fearless, understood, and wanted.

Q: What can we expect in the future from TeZATalks?

A: We’re working to release some insane collabs from producers reaching as far as Russia back to the untapped local scene here in Seattle and a few summer singles that were stoked on!

Q: Some of my readers are curious what your favorite cartoon was as a kid.

A: Oh no! How do I answer this ahah Im going to go with three Sailor Moon, Daria, Powerpuff Girls…..but what about Scooby doo! Theres so many! Let just say Im a proud 90’s kid! 

Q: Does CANDLIGHT smell funny after a long music production session? (This question is for me) 

A: Lmfao he actually oozes nothing but greatness ahaha 🙂

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TeZaTalks Press photo