The Come Up (Franchise and Vinny Radio) just dropped their debut album yesterday, Change of Plans. This is The Come Up’s 4th visual off the project, with this video shot by Rex Arrow Films. I know Fran and Vin were enjoying themselves during this particular shoot and a couple seconds into the video should provide reason why. Mac and Most Dope have been supporting The Come Up since day one and it is good to finally see a video with the two parties doing a collab. It will be interesting to see how these two groups collaborate in the future, but we think this could be the start of something big!

Mac Miller is currently working on his next project “Watching Movies With No Sound,” and the Come Up are preparing for their next tour. Pittsburgh as a whole has been extra active over the past few years and I don’t think that trend will stop with newer acts to the blog hype such as The Come Up, Beedie, and B. White.

You can check out The Come Up on their website for more information. As always, you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow Respect My Region on Twitter and Facebook as well. We have been doing some good giveaways at promotions the past few weeks, and they will be continuing for the forseable future!