In case you didn’t know, The Heist World Tour, where Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are currently touring Europe, has been going on for some time now. But they just released the first episode of The Heist showing their experience on tour so far, and boy is it awesome. This video give you a behind the scene look at the size of their shows, the amount of fans, and the bus rides. This is a nice look into what they have been going through, and how they have managed to keep repping the Northwest throughout their travels.

The video below is also from The Heist World Tour, but it’s a small documentary from the guy that shot their Thrift Shop video. It’s a little more in-depth then the previous video, but it’s an awesome look at what Macklemore and Ryan Lewis think about their music. This video is just awesome and it has more to offer about how Macklemore and Ryan Lewis met, Macklemore’s drug addiction, and everything in between.

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