Summer 2016 has been full of major moves and so far I’ve definitely been overwhelmed with the amount of music getting sent my way. Because of this, we’ll be switching up our These Songs Slap list even more and this time around, I’ll be updating this list to include music posted from June through September 2016.

I still plan on featuring 10-20 songs & mixes so keep hitting me up with your music! I can be reached on Facebook by searching ‘Joey Brabo’ or by email at: If you come across @therealjayping on Twitter feel free to reach out too!

This month I’m sharing music from some of my personal Northwest favorites along with a couple of fresh faces to our site. Every artist’s music is worth checking out and would appreciate a follow on their Soundcloud. I’ve saved my favorite song for the last track so definitely peep all of the slaps and #SupportLocalMusic!

These Songs Slap Summer 2016

Justin Hartinger was announced as an opener at The Gorge for USC Events ‘Magnifique’ and he recently hosted a new night event called ‘CODA’ at Q Nightclub. His work with LEViTATE & Qreepz has really helped me gain more of an appreciation for the music he releases and I can say that I’m definitely always checking out his Soundcloud for new releases.

If you ride Around Seattle with me, there is a 100% chance that I’ll slap at least one Doozy track or mix. This mix and interview is fire and I enjoyed every second of the tunes he chose to play. Well done sir. #This$hitSlaps

Honestly I’ve been sleepin’ on Qreepz for far too long. Until I really sat down and listened through every track of his that I could find, I didn’t truly understand the level of dopeness that was really being created. The man is producing fire beats in two different industries and working with successful artists in both genres!

I’d start with his Soundcloud profile and then search for more of his music elsewhere. Everything you need can be found through his profile or on Facebook.

Instant Party! was one of the first artists who really pushed me to include dance music on our blog. He’s one of the few legitimate producers out here who creates quality music and releases tracks consistently. To this day I still haven’t found a single Instant Party! song that I can’t bump on repeat. This one here goes hard as fuxk and had me free-styling like a goon driving through the streets of Cap Hill.

Cløve aka Ramon Jones is one of the leaders of Anomaly Music Collective  and releases some amazing bass tunes. I’ve been slacking on sharing more of his music and after hearing this song just one time, I knew it was a lock to make this list. I definitely recommend listening to everything else he has on his profile after jamming out to this.

SHARPS and his team are establishing themselves as the premier party people in Seattle nightlife and his latest music release is sure to fuel that fire. If you don’t believe me, I suggest heading over to Aston Manor whenever SHARPS is performing and you’ll see just how crazy $hit gets when he starts dropping banger after banger.

This Skrillex & Jauz remix is guaranteed to have bassheads going ham and I know I’ll definitely be making a trip out to his next Sundown event featuring Valentino Khan, Breaux, Doozy, Justin Hartinger and a few other DJ friends of his.

I can’t believe that I am now just coming across both of these guy’s music! This preview of their collab EP is 2 minutes and 30 seconds of genre-blending filthiness. Each of DeafMind & I$$A’s releases have all been fire in their own ways and you can definitely expect to see more of their music on our site.

Follow On Soundcloud: |

BL3R continues to impress me with a beautiful remix of ‘Anywhere But Home’ by Breathe Carolina & Apek. Although I’m not always a fan of their music, I can’t deny the quality of their craft and I give major props to their ability to consistently produce at a higher level than most of the artists whose music we feature.

BL3R is one of our favorite local duos and both of these guys do a few things incredibly well. I’m always excited to share their latest releases and hope you enjoy!

SixFour has taken over my entire focus when it comes to DnB. When I need to get down and dirty or listen to some grimy bass, I turn on this summer mix and jam out for literally every minute of this hour long creation. It’s addicting and I haven’t quite put my finger on why I prefer his mixes more than other major artists.

I have a weakness for bass, wobbles, and anything labeled as dubstep. Zeekenex is coming out of the dirty Burg and is making major strides as a producer. He should create some solid buzz for himself when he releases his EP on July 31st.

After listening through Tectonic’s month-old ‘Losing Sleep’ EP, it is clear that this Seattle duo knows how to make fire house music. It’s also pretty clear that I’ve been sleeping on their music for far too long. Because of this EP I am excited to really dive into the world of house music and learn as much as I can.

Check out their EP and don’t forget to share!

Rumor has it that KENDOLL is going to be making some major moves that will definitely help launch her music career.  If I were you, I’d follow her Soundcloud and make sure you keep checking back.

Check out her profile and let us know which of her creations you enjoy the most! My favorite is the Bassline Summer Promo mix.

The homie B-legit sent me this guy’s music and I was immediately drawn in when I saw so much dubstep on his profile. Corbz is into some heavy $hit and I’m a fan after just listening to his two most recent tracks.

I’ll be sharing more of his music as he continues to release the slaps.

Seattle is full of talented performers and the Cheapskates are following that trend. This track is different from most of the music I’ve been hearing lately and is groovy and heavy at the same time. Oh, and did I mention that it also happens to be their SECOND original production that is available to the public. They’re just getting started and I can’t wait to see what they release in the future.

Decent At Best is going to blow up in a few years once their catalog becomes undeniably filthy across the board. For now though, fans like me will have to be content with every release being similarly incredible to ‘Sideways’.

I knew these guys were good but damn, nobody I’ve come across recently makes music quite like these guys. This track takes the cake for dopest song on this list.