Now that weed is legal, have you ever wanted to know what marijuana sells the most? Thanks to, the world now has access to live data coming straight from Washington State’s legal weed industry.

View the charts below and let us know what you think about each section’s top 10.

Top Selling Marijuana: Flower | Pre-Roll | Cartridges
Lemon Haze Top Selling Marijuana Charts


Our favorite top sellers from the flower category include Seattle’s Private Reserve’s Gorilla Glue and Legalized OG, as well as Artizen’s Dutch Berry. From the pre-roll and cartridges sections, we are big fans of SPR’s G-Cut and Ionic’s god’s gift.

These products have all been tested by RMR staff and come with our stamp of approval.

Top Selling Marijuana: Shatter/Wax | Edible | Liquid Base
Lemon Haze Top Selling Marijuana Charts

Shatter and wax doesn’t necessarily cover the entire spectrum of oils and extracts however this list does show which products are selling the best. RMR’s favorite from this category is the RSO from BMF Washington. For edibles and other liquid based cannabis products, RMR’s top items include Moxey Mints, Spot’s Fruit Chews, Ethos CBD Spray Tincture, Zoots Kookie Dough bites and last but not least, the ZootBlast mixer.

When it comes to non-traditional cannabis products, RMR can vouch for the items we’ve listed above.

Top Selling Marijuana: Kief | Infused | Processor

Lemon Haze Top Selling Marijuana Charts

Infused pre-rolls and kief are two types of products growing more and more in popularity throughout Washington State. When it comes to kief, I trust Dynamic Harvest. If you asked me about infused pre-rolls, I’m definitely going with Mr. Twister although I know my boy Jared from Have a Heart swears by Rosin Rolls.

An interesting addition to Lemon Haze’s charts is their inclusion of the top processorNorthwest Cannabis Solutions comes in at #1 in the state with BMF Washington rounding out the top 5.

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