If you read my article after Paradiso a few months ago, or maybe if you attended the show yourself, you know that tyDi threw down an incredible set near the end of the second day. It was a special treat to experience a show from him for the second time this year, and now we have yet another tour stop from the Aussie superstar, this time at 45 East in Portland on August 12th.

tyDi at 45 East in Portland


Tickets are on sale now, and if you’ve never been to 45 East, you’re in for a treat! I’ve only been once and what stuck out the most for me was the fact that the floor is wooden, so you feel the vibe through your feet from the bass. And with music this uplifting and fun, you’ll definitely feel like you’re floating.



Out of all of the Northwest club shows in between Paradiso 2017 and ABGT 250 in September, this one sticks out the most for me as a definite “do NOT miss”. I’ve seen tyDi a total of four times. Probably the most I’ve seen an artist, to be honest. He’s simply an act you wanna catch at every show you have a chance to. Every set from this talented artist is unique and special in their own way, throwing in a blend of genres from future bass to alternative rock to trance, and everything in between. You never know what you’re going to get!


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