Smack/URL released another battle from N.O.M.E. 7 and they didn’t disappoint.  This card features two top heavyweights with Bronx, NewYork’s, Chess, and Baltimore, Maryland’s, Tay Roc.

URL N.O.M.E. 7: TAY ROC vs CHESS - Battle of the Year?This is a huge look for Chess, but a well deserved one. With his aggressive style, hard hitting punchlines and patented delivery, Chess makes a tough battle for any opponent.

As big a test as this is for Chess, I believe this is comparatively as big a test for Tay Roc. He is viewed as the URL’s top gunner, and with his seasoned stage presence, crowd control and delivery, he makes a tall order for Chess.

URL N.O.M.E. 7: TAY ROC vs CHESS | Score Card
Round 1 – Chess

Chess came out guns blazing, delivering what was maybe the craziest round of the year. He came back to back, to back, to back, to back, to back, to back with room shakers. All I could think to myself was if he comes like this all three rounds, it might be a wrap for Tay Roc.

Round 2 – Tay Roc

Chess definitely took his foot off the gas in the second, which is hard to follow up when his foot was pedal to the metal in the first round. He started off slow until about halfway through his round, which gave room for Tay Roc to steal the round and he surely didn’t pass up on the opportunity.

Round 3 – Tay Roc

I thought this was Tay Roc’s most decisive round. While Chess’ punches became lighter as the battle went on, Tay Roc showed the veteran he is, as he sustained his energy and progressed throughout all three rounds.


While I don’t think Tay Roc had any one single round that was better than Chess’ first, Chess let this opportunity get by him. A classic case of squeezing too hard and letting it slip through his grips. Whether it was Tay Roc’s intention or not, he  Ali “rope-a-doped” Chess. Tay Roc ate haymaker after haymaker in the first round, and as Chess out punched himself, Tay Roc sat back and waited, coming strong and steady to claim the second and third rounds.

Watch the exciting battle for yourself. Did the young gunner, Chess steal the show, or did the veteran Tay Roc prove he’s still top dawg of the culture?  Definitely get in the comments and let us know who you think walked away with the W.

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