Prepare your Milly Rock and hide whatever you gotta hide in yo sock, cause PlayboiCarti is coming to turn out Showbox Sodo on July 8th (this Saturday)!

While lots of casual hip-hop followers are just now becoming aware of “Cash Carti” in the last few months due to his smash-hit “Magnolia”, the 21-year old Atlanta rapper has been quietly making moves in the industry for over two years now. Originally backed by social media presence, fashion influencer, and designer Ian Connor, Playboi Carti dropped “Broke Boi” on his Soundcloud back in 2015 and with the help of Connor’s promotion to his hundreds of thousands of followers, this was Carti’s first taste of viral success.

Thanks to the success of “Broke Boi”, jiggy singles that followed like “Fetty” and “The Omen”, and working with the affiliates of Awful Records (who were crazy hot in 2014-2015), Carti started popping up on big industry name’s radars. Later on in 2015, he went on to sign to A$AP Rocky’s label AWGE, and eventually Interscope, and model in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 zine (he even ended up being a model in the live show for Season 5).

After becoming a notable face in fashion and killing a few features on A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes vol. 1 “Friends” in 2016, the questions started piling in regarding the release date of his debut album. To keep the buzz growing he dropped singles “*wokeuplikethis” and “Lookin” with Lil Uzi Vert at the top of 2017 and on Good Friday of this year, the same day Kendrick released the masterpiece that is DAMN., Carti finally fed his fanbase with his first full-length project, the self-titled Playboi Carti. The 15-track long album is 46 minutes of Carti displaying his command and superiority of the new “swag-rap” or “mumble-rap”, as the old-heads call it, style that has taken over the hip-hop scene. He oozes confidence and disregard for authority as he brags about his lavish, fashion-centered lifestyle in cadences that are all his own and undeniably infectious.

His debut has garnered the praise from the likes of Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky, but maybe the most surprising and easily the most impressive was the love he received by none other than Jigga himself! On Twitter, prior to the release of his new album 4:44, Jay-Z was name dropping all the artists that he credited with inspiring some of the work on the project and in one of the tweets Jay throws in, “Carti (Magnolia incredible)”. If even the MC that the old-heads stan like no other is on Playboi’s side, there is no doubt that him and his music is here to stay. Playboi was also placed on the 2017 XXL Freshman list this year.

Well, now that we’re all caught up on the origins of one of rap’s next biggest stars, it’s time to start practicing our gigs to the new album and start mentally preparing for the rage that is going to be Playboi Carti this Saturday at Showbox Sodo. See y’all in the mosh!


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