Seattle area rapper Lil Mosey is under fire for comments he made on the Seattle music scene on no jumper recently. To summarize what the 15-year-old rapper said is to the effect of; he’s the only artist that’s “lit” out here and there isn’t really anything dope in the Seattle music scene. Being as we started as a Seattle hip-hop blog, we beg to differ young Mosey and have at least 10 artists you should check out that are already getting out of Seattle.

Now I know that the only thing that will get Seattle SoundCloud rappers more riled than another rapper shitting on the city is another list post, I still came up with a list of artist Lil Mosey should check out before he makes that statement again!

  1. Raz Simone – Raz was the first artist brought onto 300 Entertainment (the same label that broke Fetty Wap and Young Thug). He was also one of the first artists not named Macklemore to spread the name Seattle in the global hip-hop community over the last decade. His body of work speaks for itself and anyone doing music in the PNW should know the name.King Leez Releases New Single "Roi" Ft. Raz Simone And Malitia MaliMob
  2. Gifted Gab – The queen of the city is a name you have to know! She’s touched just about every major stage in PNW as well as grabbed features in XXL, Time Magazine, and any other online media platform that stays current with hip-hop. Her recent video with Blimes Brixton has amassed over 10 million views and her career is reaching new heights every day.
  3. Fatal Lucciauno – The Seattle OG should be a name Mosey is familiar with if he did any sort of digging to Seattle’s hip-hop legacy. Fatal isn’t just an established rapper, he’s also currently releasing some of the best music of his career and representing the streets of Seattle on a level a lot of rappers will never reach.
  4. Swisher Sleep – This guy is a machine gun rapper. Not to downplay his substance and content, Swish’s “aww shit” appeal lies in his ability to rap. From fast bars to multiple flows and constant love and support from Tech N9ne and the Strange Music Camp.
  5. Macntaj – Mac has made more of a name in Electronic music but don’t get it twisted, he can fucking rap. He’s toured the country a few times and appeared on charting albums in the Electronic genre. Pretty tough to say that he doesn’t have anything notable going on.
  6. Huey P – while most of the music Huey makes may not resonate with Mosey, the artist has crafted numerous hits that hold catchy hooks that Mosey could vibe too. Huey has clocked features with two handfuls of notable artists and released an official DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz mixtape.huey p 206253 dj drama
  7. iLL Chris – I believe I’ve seen pictures of Mosey and Chris, so he may have taken the comments with a grain of salt but iLL Chris is definitely relevant. He’s survived the game-changing multiple times and a name change and has still found success with the new wave, a sound Mosey should be familiar with.
  8. Travis Thompson – The fellow young Seattle emcee has an unrivaled buzz in the city and an incredibly bright future. Dubbed by Macklemore as the “future of the city,” Travis is clocking crazy numbers on all platforms and will be a national name by next year in my opinion.
  9. Aaron Cohen – While he hasn’t found the same success stateside as he has overseas, Cohen is putting up respectable numbers everywhere. He’s grabbed attention from all major blogs and touched countless stages on European soil.
  10. JuiceTheGod – While the young emcee’s life was tragically taken earlier this year, JuiceTheGod made an undeniable wave on Seattle music. We, as a blog, slept on his music and that’s another tragedy but Juice had just that, the juice.

There are WAY more than 10 artists putting on for Seattle. For once…please do something to support Seattle and support these artists, this platform, or your city rather than crying about your bro being left off a list. No matter what ten people make a list, 986 other artists and their families get butt hurt and choose to spread negativity rather than do what they crying about (support).