1nonly's New Single "WHAT YOU WANT" Continues his Impactful Rise

1nonly’s New Single “WHAT YOU WANT” Continues His Impactful Rise

Going from soft bedroom rap to more traditional trap and moody rap, 1nonly continues this trend with his new single, “WHAT YOU WANT”. Introspective lyrics, heavy production, and his low-tone delivery create a truly unique soundscape. 

1nonly samples well-known melodies and songs, creating his own spin on things. He continues to cultivate his sound, not wanting to be tied down to one specific sound. 

1nonly Indie Beginnings

Nathan Fuller, or 1nonly, started his career in Las Vegas, NV. He found inspiration from more metal/rock-based bands like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin but eventually discovered his love for rap in high school. 

As previously said, he initially started his career in a bedroom making lovey-dovey rap with his gaming headset, which can be seen on his first single, “sorry, i like you”

1nonly's New Single "WHAT YOU WANT" Continues his Impactful Rise
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He decided to break out of this mold with his first viral hit, “Stay With Me”. He delivers a lower tone that would become a mainstay in his sound. Sampling the ever-classic “Stay With Me”, by Miki Matsubara, with the sampling of more common songs and melodies also becoming a forever constant. 

Slowly, his collaboration list grew as well. Working with lilbubblegum a number of times, Savage Ga$p, Wassup Rocker, and even SXMPRA, led him to release his debut EP, “Homesick”. Featuring artists MKAY, Shady Moon, Junya Shii, and Michael Motorcycle, the EP truly encapsulated his shift to a more gloomy sound with a heavier production edge that would be seen on his most recent single, “WHAT YOU WANT”.

The Darker Sound of 1nonly 

The first thing to notice immediately is the intense production present. The song opens with cycling high-pitched synths before a crashing kickdrum accompanied by some light snares breaks open the beat. 

The synths really stand out on this track, making it truly sound like an ethereal soundscape. The repeating progression of the synths draws the listener in and makes it intoxicating to listen to. 

The lyrics are simple but still retain important meaning. 1nonly wants to be there for someone, but is unsure if the other person wants that reciprocated. 

1nonly remains vulnerable by discussing people using him for money in the past and him delving into drugs to deal with his problems. He is not afraid to show his softer side throughout his music, which makes him very compelling as an artist. 

Besides the auditory elements of the single, the music video that accompanies it is unique. Shot on a low-quality 2000s camcorder, it ominously has 1nonly interacting with mannequins in forestry and isolated environments. 

The video is reminiscent of a found footage horror movie but still remains impressive. The symbolism of using the mannequins instead of real female actresses showcases his feelings towards women, how they are not treated honestly, and how they feel very material.

1nonly continues this good run of singles for the year, following the releases of “Scars” and “Falling”. We can see him slowly start to open up his sound in a more production-focused songwriting process, which leads to even more excitement about what he can do moving forward, continuing to rise. 

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