Holiday shopping can be a pain in the butt. Stoners can be particularly hard to shop for.  However, Respect My Region has compiled their 2018 Stoner Holiday Gift Guide. We hope that this guide helps you add to your wishlist or find something for someone else.


  • Ganesh: this oil vape comes with a sleek carry case. The case allows for convenient carrying for travel. You can carry your vape, concentrates, and dabber with you. The charger plugs into any USB jack for quick charging. While it does not connect to your phone, it does allow for discrete smoking in public.
  • While the Ghost Vape might be a bit pricey, don’t let that steer you away. This vape syncs to your phone and the temperature can be dialed in from an app. Set three different temperatures depending on the flower or concentrate you’re smoking.
  • DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer features a glass on glass tube that slides into the heating element ensuring that your weed touches nothing to deface the flavor. The style reminds me of the old school Samsung flip phones, but the compact design fits easily into your pocket.
2018 Stoner Holiday Gift Guide From Respect My Region

Photo Credit: Ganesh Vapes


  • Support a local glass blower! Artists spend hours honing their craft to create beautiful glass pieces. The wide range of styles and sizes available allow for any budget to be satisfied.  Some of my favorite artists are Sketch And Burn Glass, Knuckles Glass, and in PDX.
  • The GLUNT is a glass blunt that allows you to twist your ash out as you smoke. The piece is the right size to carefully fit inside your pocket. The easy to ash design helps provide a green or almost green hit every single time.



  • The Mobile Toker, turn any plastic water bottle into a portable bong. With a universal set of threads, this pocket-sized bong kit allows whoever you buy this to turn any water bottle into a bong. The set up requires no drilling, just unscrew the lid and replace with the bong attachments.
  • Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch is the best torch available right now. The easy to ignite switch requires no effort. Your banger will be hot enough with seconds giving you minimal wait time between dabs. Of all the torches I’ve owned, this one is also the easiest to fill.
  • Doobie Den sign made by MaidenWoodSigns is the perfect decoration for any stoner cave.
  • A funny stoner mug with Donald Trump’s face that tells you that you are the best stoner.
  • Hide that smell candle that will mask your cannabis smell to ensure those nosey neighbors or mom won’t find out about your weed.
  • Something about being stoned and coloring relaxes the mind and lets the high take over. Why not invest in a designed for stoners coloring book full of coloring pages, puzzles, and other stuff that the author doesn’t remember.

Respect My Region's 2018 Stoner Holiday Gift Guide