On Saturday German artist 2Scratch released his latest single “EX.” to all platforms. The track’s atmospheric guitar plucks and hard-hitting trap percussion creates a vibe that anyone can turn up or relax to. With this latest single, 2Scratch is bound to get on the playlists of listeners all across the globe.

After previewing a snippet on Instagram, it ran up ten thousand views and shows no indication of slowing down. The euphoric track is his 19th single release of the year.

“EX.” paints a picture of the feelings we can all relate to with love, heartbreak, and the lingering questions that reside after a breakup. In “EX.,” 2Scratch describes his pain felt after a breakup and an ex coming back crying to him about her feelings.

Fed up with the lies and pain his ex caused him, Scratch can’t be bothered to console her feelings or care about what she wants. Scratch knows he was always what she needed, but after the lies and pain, he won’t allow her to go back. 

“Fuck what you want, bitch I got what you need. Don’t call me up once cuz you’re crying and you need me. So fuck what you want bitch I cried way too much, bitch I died way too much for that shit.”


2Scratch – EX. (prod. by 2Scratch)

Justin Matysik, better known as 2Scratch, is an internationally known artist hailing from Bremen, Germany. He’s attracted millions of streams on multiple songs from listeners across the globe who tune in for his aww-inducing vocals, flow, and lyrics.

Collaborating with artists from the U.S, Germany, and beyond, 2Scratch is a prime example of how music doesn’t have to come from any particular place to captivate the attention of millions. With this being his final release of 2019, we can only imagine what 2Scratch has waiting for us in 2020. 

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