Tomorrow is the 4th Of July. If you don’t want to drink on a Wednesday, partake in some cannabis to avoid a horrible hungover Thursday. These strains and edibles are sure to enhance your Independence Day celebrations so you don’t feel like you’re missing out while people are doing keg stands and sipping out of red cups.

4th Of July Strains


American Beauty by Refine Seattle

Refine Seattle blasted a fresh batch of Green Valley Society’s American Beauty strain just in time for the holiday. This strain is relaxing and introspective, which sounds perfect for a fireworks display.

Tangerine Peel by Boggy Boon

A sativa strain that was created from Tangerine Haze and Bright Berry. If you’re lucky enough to get the holiday off, this the strain to start your day off with.

Island Poison by TreeHawk Farms

The ultimate sativa that was created by breeding the triple threat of Trainwreck, Haze, and Durban Poison with each other. Skip the coffee and just hit a couple rips of Island Poison to wake you up for the holiday.

Grape Ape by Mad Mark

A flavorful hybrid that will get the mood right as the sun starts to set and the fireworks stashes get busted out.

Pink Taco by Growing Like A Weed

A delicious indica-hybrid strain with mystery genetics. The colors and sounds of Independence Day are going to pop off with this strain.

4th Of July Edibles

Cannabis Infused Coffee by Fairwinds

Start your day off right! Fairwinds is now offering infused cannabis coffee. Each box comes with six servings.

Pearl2O Minis by Tarukino

The newest iteration of Tarukino’s mineral water. These mini capsules come in packs of 10. Each capsule contains 10 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD. These single dose capsules are awesome for drifting off to sleep if your ears are still ringing from watching fire and explosions for hours on end.



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