We recently reached out to our social media following to determine which local marijuana shops our friends and fans consider as their favorites. After considering our personal experiences and analyzing some very important Facebook statistics (likes and comments), we have created a list of shops we recommend above the rest.

Below are Respect My Region’s list of 5 recreational shops that we recommend visiting if you’re a medical marijuana patient and/or a recreational marijuana user. Each of these locations has friendly staff, comparable prices, *high-quality* options, and top-notch customer service.

RMR’s Greater Seattle Marijuana Recommendations 

local roots

Local Roots (Bothell) – “This place rocks! Having only been to the Bothell location thus far, I would still venture to say this ‘brand’ of stores are all stellar. The staff is personable and knows quite a bit about everything they offer. Great selection and variety, and they carry one of our favorite flower brands, ‘Green Rush’.” – Mitch P.

have a heart ccHave A Heart CC –  “The Skyway location has incredibly friendly staff and similar product to that of competing dispensaries. The ‘big-dude’ who usually handles the check-ins always has helpful info and comments about which strains to go with. His direction along with Cail’s help up in N. Seattle, have helped maintain 100% satisfaction so far with every purchase from both the recreational and medicinal sides of this collective.” –  Joey B.

ocean greensOcean Greens (N. Seattle) –   “Ocean Greens is the North Seattle spot to go to for the $100 half ounce. They have great rotating specials and a wide selection of products. The staff here does a great job handling crowds of customers and don’t appear to be blasted while working.

They haven’t really given the greatest advice having received sub-par flower from them multiple times but I can’t really blame them too much. The suggestions they give have been fairly standard across most rec shop employees. To their credit, the testing system isn’t accurate so they really just recommend selections based on fancy labeling and incorrect THC percentages.” – Mitch P.

greenside recreationalGreenside (Des Moines) –  “This shop’s location is right next to the airport in Des Moines and about 10 minutes from my house. There is plenty of parking and a huge selection of smoking accessories and marijuana products.

I’m a big fan of their party packs of pre-rolled joints and they carry my favorite C02
oil brand, Avitas.” – Joey B.

The Evergreen Market (Renton) – “For peopleevergreen market located around
south Lake Washington or Renton, this market is the ideal location if you’re in need of a diverse selection of marijuana product. The staff is quite friendly and
the ‘brand name’ marijuana that is offered is consistent with most other recreational dispensaries.

I would definitely give this place the award for cleanest-looking shop out of the ones I’ve visited thus far. Thanks to Kassandra, I recommend their ‘Green Queen’ flower if you plan on stopping by.” – Joey B

Respect My Region recognizes the importance of alternative medicines and utilized information from to learn more about other major retailers in Washington State.

These next 5 locations are the most popular places in Washington according to their sales from the past year. Respect My Region plans on visiting each of these retailers in 2016 to gain more knowledge on marijuana products and to give our honest feedback as to who deserves to be called the best Marijuana pot shop! 

WA Top 5 Rec Marijuana Retailers (2015 Sales)

  1. $14.4M – Main Street Marijuana (Vancouver)
  2. $12.8M – Uncle Ike’s (Seattle)
  3. $6.4M Greenside (Des Moines)
  4. $5M Green light (Spokane)
  5. $4.4M Kushmart (Snohomish)

“In King County I’ve been to two of the top 5 shops. Uncle Ike’s in Cap Hill has been a go-to location when friends are visiting from out-of-state and Greenside in Des Moines is my go-to when I’m on my weekly grind. Most of the dispensaries around WA have similar products and prices, but the service varies greatly depending on where you go. I prefer Greenside over Uncle Ike’s because of the vibes.” – Joey B. 

Editors KEY’d Notes:

This past year, medicinal marijuana patients watched many of the state’s medical dispensaries close shop in favor of recreational storefronts. Some of these dispensaries are offering marijuana-based products that have been described as “low grade crap” and we feel it is our duty to share it to the masses!

Check out ‘Green Diversions’ article titled ‘Most i502 Pot Is Crap’ and let us know what you think!

Click here:

“I have been unimpressed with Jackpot’s SeaWeed and find the Green Diversion’s description to be quite accurate. ” – Joey B.

In addition to the ‘low grade crap’ being offered at many recreational pot shops, Respect My Region feels it is our duty to remind and encourage every dispensary to refrain from allowing employees to be visibly high while working on the floor. Many of the poor experiences we have had were direct results from employees who were clearly too stoned or too tired to effectively share information with us. A commitment to higher quality customer service would be appreciated by recreational users and former patients like myself, as well as tourists visiting dispensaries their first time.

Developing this article has opened our eyes that people who use marijuana need an honest guide of where to go and what to try. Much of the product we’ve encountered at each of the dispensaries varied greatly in quality and we are on a mission to share as much accurate information as possible about our marijuana-based experiences.

Stay tuned for a RMR Marijuana Guide in 2016! 

**Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this marijuana products. This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children. **


Photo by Dyllyn Greenwood for Dama Cannabis HQ Seattle