Alright, now after listening to “The Application” by our poster child, Mike Champoux, I am left blown away!

Something new mixed with a little of the old. His talent continues to amaze me! I’m not sure about you guys, but I have caught him throwing in some of his older lyrics in a few of these new songs. Clever I must say!

After seeing Mike perform at the Respect My Region 1 Year Anniversary party saturday night, one could really tell how proud, comfortable and laid back he is. Mike is that artist that is beyond thankful for every single one of his fans that he has surrounding him. Singing word for word, cheering when he walks onto the stage, and most importantly, supporting him, his goals and dreams.

Let’s talk about the cd for a minute here. This is definitely not what I was expecting. It is almost like he is mixing up his style a bit, and it is far from a bad thing! It is kind of like some originality, with a mix of Mac Miller and Macklemore. east coast style blended with some of that bitter sweet Northwest sound.

From ” The Light”, something a little slower, but still speaking nothing but the truth, to ” Lazy” that can get anyone up dancing and singing along. We also got to hear a few new voices on the album, and I was impressed with what I heard!
Gem Starks in ” Love this Life” along with Warm Gun in ” Top Spider”. It is good to see Mike reaching out to those “unknown” artists from around the NW to not only spread his new music, but open up the audience to a couple new faces in the music industry.

This is definitely something everyone needs on their iPod.

It was nice seeing him adding a bonus track of one of his favorites along with several others, “Just A Moment” on the album. If you listen and I mean really listen to every word he says in this track, you will see why it is an absolute favorite to us all. Where he came from, what he has gone through, and finally getting to where he wants to be. Sharing his music and talent.

2003 was just his starting point, and now 2012, he is getting ready to take off begin bigger and better than ever! If you haven’t had a chance to download the new CD yet, you can head over to iTunes to buy the album or listen to the album in all its entirety on our site for free. 

Mike Champoux is truly, a Northwest prodigy!