A Pot for Pot is a recent startup from the Bay Area that provides cannabis enthusiasts with an all-in-one kit to grow their very own cannabis plant from the comfort of their home. As the name suggests, they’ll literally ship you a strain of your choosing to start growing on your own. It also comes with a guide, the proper nutrients, and environmental supplies to make sure it grows properly under the right conditions. Is this the future of legal weed?

Who They Are

Based in Oakland, California, A Pot for Pot has been operating since the fall of 2017. Since they’ve started, founders Jason and Joshua have continued to build and perfect their proprietary soil blends, bringing in a team of experts to ensure each kit they deliver is packaged and ready to plant. Their mission is to tear down the stigma that cannabis is hard to grow. They want to prove that anyone with the right patience and effort can grow their own herb.

Product and Pricing

When looking at their grow kits, they have a couple of options for customers to choose from depending on what they’re looking for. For those who just want to try out a small kit, A pot for pot sells a mini complete grow kit that can produce up to 28 grams of cannabis for just under $40.

If you want to go all out and grow over a pound of weed, the large complete pot grow kit sells for under $300 and it includes a 35-gallon fabric pot, 3 large bags of nutrients mix, boosters, and watering supplies. Not to mention a $40 discount coupon for their selection of seeds. They offer different sizes and levels from beginner to expert to ensure there is a grow kit for everyone.

In conclusion, they offer different sizes and levels of grow kits from beginner to expert to ensure there is a grow kit for everyone. They also provide potential customers with a step-by-step guide to learn what it takes to grow your own plant. If you want to take cannabis cultivation to the next level, cut out the middleman, and try supplying your own green, A Pot for Pot should definitely be your first choice. Make sure to look into their deals here.

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