Today, Denver-based artist, Adiel Mitchell, blessed our ears with the remix of “Stuck On You.” This was the second track from his EP that released in January, Jungle. Levi Double U co-produced the original recording with Adiel and added some deep house and nu-disco vibes to this remix, offering something completely different.

Inspired by what he’s observed as a “glorification of social media”, he said, “the song comments on how we get validation from the likes and comments of people we don’t even know and also how we put the people we follow on a pedestal… thinking that they have it all, when behind the scenes they’re just like us.”

Adiel Mitchell “Stuck On You” Levi Double U Remix

“Honestly, the song came from my in-and-out obsession with social media, more specifically Instagram,” he continued. “I remember hearing the melody in my head with just the original pad sample and instantly the song started writing itself. It didn’t help that I was on a high from IG at the moment. We’re all glued to our phones and glorify people with high follower counts or well-polished photos. We can pretend we aren’t, but sometimes you can’t help but admit that you do.”

Jungle is the unexpected follow-up to Adiel’s first conceptual project, About Last Night (EP). The release surprised his original fans with 90s-era nostalgia. The sound was a major aberration from the live-ukulele, bubblegum pop he was known for as a member of the popular YouTube duo, Two Worlds.

Adiel Mitchell Taps Back In With “Stuck On You” Remix

This is his second release since letting his YouTube career take a backseat. Jungle is an interesting flex of Adiel’s musical ability. This new dance track parallels that same idea and reintroduces us to Adiel, the dancer who loves to make music.

“I produced a little demo of the hook to show my guy Levi Double U and he almost instantly caught the wave that I was on,” he shared. “The cadence makes you feel like you already know the song, even if you’re hearing it for the first time. That sense of familiarity is what I wanted with this because it’s what ties it all together. Social media keeps us stuck on each other,” Adiel explained. “After we mixed the final version down, Levi hit me up with this house-vibe remix of it and I was hooked. It definitely took the song in a different direction.”



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