The Agent Orange strain will transport you back in time to when you first started smoking and had fits of the stoner giggles with its 75% sativa and 25% indica-hybrid. This sativa-dominant fusion gets its name from cross-breeding the classic and strong, Jacks Cleaner with Space Queen and finally, Orange Skunk.  All three strains come together in a harmonious marriage that inspires creativity and creates a blissful uplifting high.

Looks / Aroma

You will know why it’s named Agent Orange the second you crack open the container. The potent aromas of ripe oranges with herbal and pine notes will fill the room and have you starting your day off right. The frosty green nugs are feasts for the eyes while the vibrant orange hairs on Agent O are what makes this bud live up to its name. While this strain is originally named after the chemical warfare that occurred during the Vietnam War, don’t let the name spook you. This strain’s uplifting nature will elevate the rest of your day.

Agent Orange Strain Effects

Agent O packs a punch but will still have you feeling productive throughout your day. Perfect for those feeling artsy and creative during this quarantine season. This strain will have you feeling euphoric and energized with a strong head high that eases into a productive mindset. With results that will inspire you for the rest of your day. This strain is ideal for those who suffer from depression, migraines, and minor body pains. However, this strain is also known for increased anxiety so smoke responsibly.

While many people are quarantined inside their homes during the pandemic. Modern problems require modern solutions. This has created a boost in business for many delivery companies like Eaze. By making it easier than ever to get your green without even leaving the comfort and safety of your home.  Order some Agent Orange and enjoy some self-care.

While we couldn’t go out this 420, you can always pack a bowl of agent orange, get yourself a nice cold beverage, and take some time for yourself during the quarantine. Whether you’re sitting at home this quarantine feeling idle, or you’re an essential worker grinding through the pandemic. This strain will keep having you inhale the good and exhale the bad.

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