Jordan 1’s In the Past Year

The Air Jordan 1 “Turbo Green” OG release date has taken the sneaker world by storm.

Many consider the Jordan 1 as one of the, if not, the best shoes of all time. Its versatility has been measured since their first release in 1985. The model has been a staple of not only basketball, but skating and fashion as well. With its many iterations, including: low, mid, and high; it’s no question as to how the shoe has held up in the popular eye for so long.

Often bound with leather, the Jordan 1’s quality lasts long beyond any ordinary shoe. Originally designed for the wear and tear of hooping, their longevity has long been appreciated by sneaker heads alike.

2018 is often regarded as the year of the Jordan 1. This past year featured original releases including the Off White UNC’s, the eccentric Union 1s, to the BMX legend Nigel Sylvester’s. However, 2019 has continued to follow suit with an insanely clean new release.

Carrying on the Success of 2018

The Turbo Green Jordan 1’s feature white leather-covered with green suede material. The pre-distressed finish of the shoe continues to follow the trend set with the Nigel Sylvesters. To me, the element that stuck out the most was the details on the tongue. With the yellow and purple Nike Air logo, the Turbo Greens bring a whole new take to the color palate of Jordan 1s.

For those with an eye for detail, you’ll catch “SP19 AIR JORDAN 1 HIGH OG” in grey on the outside side panel of the shoe. However the details don’t stop there, as a grey suede material caught on the ankle collar of the shoe.

Not only are the Turbo Green’s eye-catching from a distance, but the finer details of the sneakers draw in passionate stylists. As Jordan 1s continue to be relevant in the fashion world after 2018, it seems as if the quality will continue to bolster results for the brand.

Release Information

The inspiration for the color way can closely be related to the slated release date for these 1’s. Coinciding with NBA All Star Weekend hosted in Charlotte, home of the Hornets which Michael Jordan owns. It’s quite reasonable to say that his team served as inspiration for this exceptional sneaker.

The official release date has been set for February 15th, the Friday of NBA All Star Week. Make sure you start your All Star week off right by copping yourself a pair. The retail price stands at $160 before tax. You can find them on shelves at your local store or online at the Jordan website.

Jordan 1 “Turbo Green” releasing February 15th

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