If you’ve been sleeping on the Tacoma rapper as of late, you better keep your eyes peeled because this won’t be the last time you hear about him. Tacoma’s Me$$ aka MesiLL has officially ended summer with a hot new single, Dust Bunnies. Me$$ has not only been cooking up track after track, but has also been producing video after video for the last few years now. He has continued to come up with creative and unique content, meanwhile maintaining consistency in his videos with his counterpart and friend, Sonny Bonoho. The two cooked up something special in the latest track Dust Bunnies, which can be seen below.

Me$$ spits over a funky yet contemporary beat while taking you on a lyrical ride. The creative joint lasts a few minutes but is a powerful statement for the current creative position that Me$$ seems to be at. In other words, Me$$ might have found the right groove that offers a balance of a relevant sound, but still manages to maintain the spirit and creativity of his lyrical and crazy self. With word of a new EP or LP in the near future, all we can hope is that he continues to bring us the heat that he has for so long. While we wait for new content from Me$$, be sure to catch up with him on Instagram.

Tacoma’s ME$$ AKA MesiLL – Dust Bunnies (Official Video)