For our artist spotlight this time around we have Seattle based music producer Alter. “Alter.” is the moniker of songwriter and producer Steven Trueba. Consisting of angelic melodies, moody textures, and melancholy musical vibes the production pulls influence from many electronic genres. Blending motifs and songwriting styles from wavy r&b, emotional hip-hop, and trap soul: the result is a musical language that is emotional, sensual, and spiritual.

One of the things that stands out about this project is the aesthetic. You can find it perfectly captured in his latest video below:

Alter. – “Mistakes”

All songs have a meaning and “Mistakes” is about fighting your vices and addictions, and feeling powerless at first to change what you know is wrong. This music tells a story and the vibe behind the color, location and delivery of soothing vocals really creates a unique experience. We sat down with Alter. to get more information on the project and what direction he is going to take the project in the future.

Respect My Region Interviews Alter.

*Interview was edited for clarity*

RMR: How did Alter. form? What inspired this new avenue of music?

Alter.: Alter. formed when I went through a really bad break up. I loved a person very much and felt like I didn’t receive closure on a lot of things in our relationship. I essentially I had to write my way out a depression caused from lack of understanding and closure. All the negative emotions I felt towards that relationship I was able to crystalize and leave behind in that first wave of material. After I was done with that though it had awoken a new part of me.

Singing was something I really enjoyed doing and writing melodies brought me a piece of mind I had not experienced from just production. The name came about because “evolution” and “growth mindset” is something that permeates from every ounce of my being. The definition just struck me “alter – change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.” in addition to this “Alter.” Also looks like i abbreviated Alternative. Which is what I would consider my sound artistically.

RMR: How does Alter. differ from your previous musical endeavors?

Alter.: Alter. is about emotionally working through things. Sonically, my approach is different since I’m focused mainly on “the song” and not the production and lot of the stuff coming out from Alter. is more minimalist then things I produce for other artists like TeZATalks / DEELYLE. But the main thing is that it is ME, it is about my life and my personal experience of the world so instead of channeling the emotion of another artist this is about digging deep into my own soul.

Seattle Producer Alter

RMR: Does releasing a song you sang on feel different than a song you just produced? Are there any extra nerves?

Alter.: 1000% yes but really because I’m still nervous about the inevitability of shows. I feel really comfortable in the studio. There is a certain aspect of it that is a “no judgment zone” I can yell, I can scream, I can enunciate in weird ways when trying out new ideas and it’s fine because if I don’t like it I can edit it or delete it. Live music is a completely different arena and I know with my plans and persistence with this brand that is inevitable.