Over the last 120 days, I’ve traveled to and from Portland on five separate occasions in search of the area’s best cannabis experience. The Respect My Region team has visited shops such as Chalice Farms, Oregon’s Finest, Farma, Serra, Parlour, AmeriCanna, Stone Age Farmacy, and a few others who come highly recommended on Leafly’s seasonal lists.

For each visit, our team has purchased cannabis from at least three locations. During our first visit back in December of 2017, we hit up Gras, Happy Leaf, Serra, Farma, and Nectar PDX. We paid close attention to the customer experience provided by each location, asking the budtenders numerous questions and familiarizing ourselves with the local laws, popular strains, and the best cannabis products.

Learning about Oregon’s cannabis has been an experience all it’s own. Their market is much different than the Washington experience, still giving customers the ability to see and smell certain types of cannabis in a more personal way.

Who Has Portland's Best Selection Of Weed?

Ro3ski & Dominique Dabs Inside Farma – Portland

Over the course of the next four visits, we made the effort to visit Chalice Farms, Oregon’s Finest, Parlour Cannabis, AmeriCanna Rx, and eight shops who were less than notable. Each retailer brought something different to the table and every location still held a medical cannabis vibe. These locations housed budtenders and managers that were both friendly and educated when it came to their industry.

Chalice Farms, Farma, Oregon’s Finest, Parlour, and Serra offered a fully-branded experience that included select in-house strains along with apparel and other slick merchandise. Sampling various top-shelf strains and a collection of each store’s best deals, I was particularly impressed with the cannabis from Chalice Farms, Serra, and Farma. Inexperienced users and people looking to get back into the swing of things should heavily consider visiting these shops to ensure a successful experience.

AmeriCanna was the very last shop we visited for our Portland research. Their shop has two walls of cannabis that feature more than thirty different strains. After spending almost an hour talking pot with the three budtenders, our order featured seven different strains, a few of which blew me away.

Their selection of strains was visually the most impressive out of every shop we visited. When it came to customer service, prices, and product selection, AmeriCanna Rx had the best cannabis selection for experienced weed consumers like ourselves.

Strains that other experienced users should ask about include the Peanut Butter Breath, RudeGurl, Dogwalker, as well as the TKO Reserve Sherbinski-certified Mochi and Guava Gelato. We don’t encourage guests to request to see every single offering, but these budtenders are more than willing to share their fire.