Bay Area legend Andre Nickatina stopped by the Showbox to remind us how talented he really is. For any anyone that doesn’t know, Andre Nickatina aka Dre Dog, has spent most of his time in the Bay Area. A partner of Andre Louis Hicks (Mac Dre), the two made their rise to the top of the rap game for their region in the mid to late 90s and early 2000s. The two collaborated on popular songs and even a successful album, The Tale of Two Andres. Things shifted over time when Mac Dre lost his life to homicide. That left Nickatina to continue forward on his own. The two have been a staple in hip-hop since they day the created their work.

One thing to understand is the impact the two have had, more importantly for this instance, Andre Nickatina’s impact. Andre’s work will go down as some of the best music that has ever been produced. With multiple albums, with multiple hits, and a few viral songs. It was nice to share the evening with a Bay Area legend. The openers before him, J.Lately and Cool Nutz carried uplifting energy and brought everything needed to get the crowd ready for the final act. With StevieBoy Muziq on the 1’s and 2’s, the Showbox Market was packed out and ready to see Andre Nickatina live. 

Even though Andre Nickatina is considered to be one of the greats, many still believe that he is undervalued in the rap and hip-hop community. He’s made success for himself but more importantly helped push forward the genre tremendously. All of us at Respect My Region definitely put him up there with members of Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep and some of the other great mid-90s and early 2000s artists. The good news is Nickatina is still releasing new music so be sure to check out his brand new EP Cooking on a Come Up, featuring CB Fan Bizz below! In the meantime, follow along on his Instagram and keep an eye out for more new music. 

Andre Nickatina & CB Fam Bizz – Cooking on a Come Up EP