Anthony Danza must have topped out the DeLorean at 88 on his way to the studio because he is serving up straight 80s vibes on his album, BBS Diaries Vol. 2. Danza’s production throughout the album gives us a modern spin on a classic West Coast hip-hop sound. Anthony also gives us heavy-hitting lyrics with catchy hooks that match the energy of the instrumentals.

So smooth, the way this album grooves, it’s guaranteed to make you wanna’ bust a move. The hottest booty-bouncing tracks include, “Wheels Up,” “Get Hot,” and “Big Body,” the lead single off the album, which features the super healthy Bay-area rap cat, Larry June. They released a music video for the single a few months ago and it’s been doing numbers ever since.

Anthony Danza “Big Body” ft. Larry June (Music Video)

The album is available on all streaming platforms. Due to sample clearance issues, however, a couple of songs didn’t make it to DSPs like the flip on a Tuxedo song, “Still on the Way Way.” To unlock the full potential of BBS Diaries Vol. 2, you should probably just buy the physical CD, which has the full tracklist, from Anthony Danza himself. You can always listen to it in full on Youtube, but you should support your local artist and purchase the album instead.

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