Aon The Artist is back four months later with his second music video ever for his equally new cut “Sway!” co-produced by himself and The Residency alum, Morgan Gradson. With the song already running up over 25k streams prior to this release, it’s safe to say the visual addition will push it even further. Despite the fact that many of us are currently stuck inside, this song is the perfect addition to the oncoming spring. “Sway!” will undoubtedly get your feet moving and dancing around the living room, or cranking the volume in the whip on your way to brave the grocery store.

Morgan Gradson and Aon really came together to produce an engaging cut that will easily reverberate into summer. The beat drops almost immediately with spacey keys and clicky high hats going off. Aon simultaneously comes in with energy to match the twitchy drums, mixing in double-time flow with auto-tune croons. Instantly, I felt like this could be a song Tik-Tok might love to get their hands on. As the hook ends on “watch me do my dance,” I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a dance challenge in the works.

Aon and Gradson put together music in an interestingly symbiotic fashion. Aon will contribute more of the melodic and song progression elements, while Gradson heavily lays down the rhythmic structure. As you listen to “Sway!” you can get the sense of how one plays off the other to create a catchy formula for dope music. At just 1 minute and 55 seconds, this is the kind of song that comes at you fast and has you hitting repeat just to catch the vibe again.

Aon the Artist & Morgan Gradson

Aon The Artist Keeps Us Lit During Quarantine With Hyphy New Visuals For “Sway!”

The visuals take the moody palette of the PNW and still light it up with Aon and the squad serving in an old whip. Under direction by Dallen Taylor, with the colorwork done by Gradson, the video reminds you of happier times turning up with the homies. You’ll see plenty of familiar scenery from the Seattle area that’ll have you missing the city vibes.

Though this is only his fifth-ever single on streaming platforms, Aon already seems to have the presence and sizable team behind him of a bigger artist. The level of care in the production below is further evidence. The Burien-native even recently got verified on Instagram. Don’t slip on his upcoming releases.

Aon the Artist – Sway! (Official Video)

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