Arizona Beverage Company products have provided relief from cottonmouth for many of us. The inexpensive can of pure goodness typically accompanies alongside a pack of swishers. This was my typical purchase walking by 18th Street Deli on my way home from class at Central. Now they could become a regular purchase again. The beverage company and Dixie Brands have reached an agreement to utilize the Arizona license with their cannabis products.

Arizona Beverage Company Partners With Cannabis Company
Photo Credit: Arizona Beverage Company

Dixie Brands makes vaporizers, edibles, and tinctures. How exactly Dixie will be incorporating Arizona into their products remains to be seen. However, you could expect a line of drinks to be the first series of products on the shelf. The United States will be the first place where the products launch with plans to be in Canada and South America eventually.

With larger beverage companies taking the safe route into cannabis. Arizona, a privately owned company, hopes to get a head start over the competition. They are the first major beverage company to launch into cannabis. Previously, Lagunitas, a brewery in California, collaborated with a cannabis company to release an infused sparkling water. Their drink is only available in California, while Arizona will be available across multiple states.

Don’t expect to see the same 99 cent prices that we’re all accustomed to seeing on those famous cans. The deal is still new so we won’t be seeing their products in stores anytime soon, but this is a huge step forward in the cannabis industry.