Lemme take you all back to the year 2012. I was a senior in high school, and all day, every day, I had my pair of black Beats Mixr headphones on my ears, bumping the newest tunes from the world of Progressive. House, Trance, it didn’t matter; if the beats were uplifting and fun, I was listening to them.

If I were to list my favorite artists of the time, among all of the Swedish names, a Russian one would reach my top ten: Artyom Stolyarov, ARTY. Out of all of the mixes I ever listened to in high school, Arty’s essential mix with BBC Radio 1 still remains one of the best and I can still bump that shit with the same energy I did back in the day. He was still a kid by most people’s definition when he took the top mix-show of the world by storm in early 2012, but oh my GOD, the energy he brought was insanity! I was first exposed to his talent with the track Trio he did with fellow Russian superstars Matisse and Sadko when it was played by Swedish House Mafia during their Madison Square Garden set. I wish I could have seen it live, but I was too young to attend shows at the time.

Arty threw an incredible set of progressive trance to end Lucky 2016 on the Anjunabeats stage. If this return to Seattle is going to be anything close to that epic performance, you will kick yourself for not showing up. These days, he reserves trance sets for his alias Alpha 9, and plays mostly electro house…but still, your socks will be thoroughly knocked off!

There’s No Party Without Arty

You can find event information here on the Facebook event’s page. Stay up to date with our socials, and let us know your favorite tunes from this incredible musician.

Remember, there is no PARTY without ARTY!

I also want to wish Darrius and Chad a happy birthday. Let’s get dialed af in celebration!