Audien is finally back to the world of trance, dropping his new track with Arty titled “Never Letting Go”. This elegant, blissful song is an easy candidate for remixes and mashups with its gorgeous vocals and entrancing melody line.

“Never Letting Go” is under the Anjunabeats label, which Audien returned to recently for his last single, titled “Higher.” This newest track is one of many from Arty this year, who has been dropping music under both his Arty and Alpha9 aliases in the past few months.

The new single, “Never Letting Go” is a perfect blend of both artists’ styles. The easiest classification of the track is “pop-trance,” combining trance-like buildup and rhythm with an EDM drop. This blend of styles is exactly what fans would expect from a collaboration between Audien and Arty.

However, “Never Letting Go” falls a little short in terms of structure. The single was released in a pair of two tracks – the original and extended mix. The original mix feels too short, as if the drop comes a little too late. It also sounds like it’s lacking a second, more powerful component (possibly a stronger bridge.)

I thought the extended mix would solve this problem, but that wasn’t the case. The extended mix sounds like a drawn-out version of the same lack of structure found in the original song.

Something to note – the Spotify release has the longer track as the “original mix” and the shorter track as the “edit.” However, the shorter track is labeled as the “original mix” in both Apple Music and on Soundcloud.

Overall, both tracks are definitely worth a listen – “Never Letting Go” is a gorgeous track in terms of its vocals and melody. It also holds a lot of value for its trance elements, especially in the song’s beginning. Give both versions of the single a listen below, and let us know what you think.

Do you like the longer or the shorter mix? Do either of them feel too short? Listen and let us know!