Pop Soul Legend Ava Cherry Releases "Testify Love"

Pop-Soul Legend Ava Cherry Takes Leap Forward In “Testify Love”

Even after making music for the last 50 years, Ava Cherry is still capable of releasing jams that make your feet move. “Testify Love” is Ava’s most recent single. Paired with an uplifting and groovy music video both have been released. Wake Up! Music is a Chicago and Miami based label run by Mymy Madyy Pepper Gomez that is responsible for releasing the single and accompanying music video. This release follows her recent signing with the label.

Ava Cherry sings dance-infused pop-soul designed to get you out of your seat. She grew up on the south side of Chicago. Her dad played trumpet and she found her love of music through him.

The video and song for “Testify Love” have a positive and uplifting feel. The beat and sound were perfect as I grooved around my apartment. A perfect feel and vibe for our current times discussing the uplifting sensation we get from love.


Drawing inspiration from Motown, Gladys Knight, and Aretha Franklin. Inspired by these artists, eventually, she would perform alongside David Bowie as a backup vocalist while also releasing her own material. The music recorded and written with Bowie would eventually serve as a stepping stone. Ava Cherry went record music over the next five decades.

She continues to work with producers and other artists to refine her sound. Her continuous evolution and work is the reason why she is still making music after 50 years. “Testify Love” is another step in her career progression.

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