Avengers Infinity War is close, 20 days as of writing this to be exact. 18 movies and ten years of filmmaking within Marvel’s cinematic universe culminates in one of the most ambitious crossover events that have ever been attempted on film.  Thanos brings his search for the infinity stones to Earth and declares all-out war on The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and over 40 more heroes from the MCU.

This movie is a celebration of Marvel Studios hard work for what is nearing two-decades of movie magic. Enhance your celebration with one of the cannabis strains bel0w.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer #1

Gobstopper From Sky Standard Gardens

A cross between Cherry Diesel and Vortex. This strain has fruity sour candy aromas and a happy euphoric high. Get your mood right before you settle in a packed opening night theatre.

Smoke These Strains To Get Hyped For Avengers Infinity War

Do-Si-Dos From Stable Cannabis

This strain provides a downer, yet productive high. It has has a sweet and earthy taste, a great mix of Cookies and Kush influences.

Lemon Sorbet #2 or #3 From Gabriel Cannabis

Whichever one of these phenotypes wins, it’s a good choice. #2 is sour, #3 is sweet, but both provide strong highs and have great lemon and citrus terpene profiles.

Smoke These Strains To Get Hyped For Avengers Infinity War

Peppermint Cookies From Gold Leaf Gardens

Gold Leaf Gardens is known for their true top-shelf quality. The Peppermint Cookies strain is a distinct phenotype of the original Cookies strain. It has a sweet peppery taste with a high that provides body relaxation and some focuses the mind.

Grape Ape From Mad Mark Farms

Several members of Respect My Region thing Mad Mark grows the best Grape Ape in the state. You get a true grape flavor and a sedative high that is good for pain relief.

Golden Lemons From Lifted Cannabis

My new favorite from the Lifted’s garden, Golden Lemons is a cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk.

Smoke These Strains To Get Hyped For Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War Trailer #2