Avenue Beat will get you in the feels with this relatable pop single. Their recent release, F2020, gracefully touches on the whirlwind that this year has been. Gentle female vocals and whimsical acoustic pop beats inspire a sense of euphoria.

F2020 starts off with sweet guitar riffs and some slightly provocative lyrics. With the chorus, the track introduces a banging mellow beat to accompany the soft vocals. This song weaves together a softness, while also carrying a bold and expressive tone. This Nashville, Tenn. based trio really hitting those feels.

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This F2020 track speaks on the trials of Avenue Beat’s year through a sweet lyrical expression. Big feelings, loss, isolation, boredom. The auditory expression of their experiences with mental health is a fresh and pleasing release of big, relatable feelings. 

F2020 Is A Captivating and Expressive Pop Hit

F2020 is one of those expressive R&B style pop hits that get you thinking, feeling, and probably dancing a little bit. The smooth and emotive journey of F2020 showcases the captivating talent of Avenue Beat’s trio of women. And their Spotify bio describes their energy well: “Wearing the fresh faces of modern feminism and blowing off being told who girls are supposed to be.”

This track is a soft and catchy expression of the group’s experiences with quarantine and big emotions. It’s no surprise the pop single F2020 became famous on Tik Tok. The group first released this hit to only Instagram and Tik Tok. And in less than 48 hours, the song racked up 6 million views on the popular video app. On August 14, the song was released on Spotify. 

Strong Women Making Waves In The Pop Scene

Photo Via Instagram: @AvenueBeat

The powerful group of creatives is quickly making waves in the pop music scene. F2020 is trending. Their previous release, i don’t really like your boyfriend, making it into Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Chart. And I don’t see any sign of them slowing down. These ladies are making serious moves.

You can check out more of Avenue Beat’s music and video content on their [aesthetically pleasing] website. They are also available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

If you give them a listen, I’m sure you’ll understand. Catchy and sweet acoustic bops that are easy to sing along with. They’re truly slaying the alternative pop realm.  

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