It has been two years since we lost pop-culture icon Avicii, but he is far from forgotten. In addition to these memories, an Avicii museum dedicated to his life and music is scheduled to open in Stockholm, Sweden next year.

According to a recent press release, this Avicii museum will bring viewers a new side to EDM icon including unreleased photos and music. The audience will be led through Tim’s life starting as a shy music nerd all the way through the height of his success.

Displayed will be variety of memorabilia and a chance to look inside Avicii’s creative process that gave us his most famous albums. Upon opening, early versions of the hit single ‘Levels’ will be available. Touchingly, the attendees will get to hear unreleased bits of music that were used to compose ‘Tim’. The album released after Avicii’s tragic death in 2018.


Avicii Tribute Museum Scheduled To Open Next Year In Stockholm, Sweden

While Avicii has undoubtedly been considered one of the greatest DJ’s of his time, most of his life was hidden. Though he is often known for his sensation, charismatic beats, he has other incredible talents. Unknown were is his incredible songwriting abilities. Those who collaborated alongside Tim were astonished by his melodic creativity and capabilities.

However, his death shocked family and fans. Since then his music has been played on stages around the world by other musicians carrying on his legacy. His tribute will be apart of a new facility in Stockholm, SPACE. Acivii’s section will be a part of a much larger museum dedicated to music, gaming, and content creation.

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