This one is for Cherry block! Seattle rapper B. Cole links with the legendary Fatal Lucciauno on his latest single “Cherry.” The Seattle artists have long repped the inner city of Seattle’s Central District neighborhood and that’s prevalent over Cole’s new anthem.

I know it’s a little chilled out during quarantine, but this record is something that’s going to get you amped up.

Staying true to form, this is a record is something you need to let slap loud. Cole has paved a lane in the ‘system rattling’ anthem lane and this record is no different. Sped up high hats and pads dance around the thumping bass leaving room for B. Cole’s piercing flow and Fatal’s dark melodies. B. Cole will always provide motivation for the hustlers and lovers of the town in his music. There are many sides to the sound behind the city and this is the one you can’t listen to below full volume.

We last saw the two collaborate on the visual to “Trenches,” another joint worth the listen. The metro area holds many pockets of talent and realness but the culture of the area was birthed in Seattle’s Central District.

B. Cole “Cherry” Featuring Fatal Lucciauno

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