Dripping bars more relaxing than fentanyl, Babyface Ray and Sam and Veeze dropped “Hall of Fame.” The vibe works perfectly for chilling out in the car and to bang at a party. Featuring production rivaling Metro Booming and Clams Casino, this song is smooth. 

Party With Detroit If You Ready To Hurt

True to the spirit of the Midwest, this song goes hard. Babyface Ray’s people go hard. The vibe is laid back, but there’s no lack of substance or confidence to back it up. While pop-rap feels like a ghost, Detroit rappers use their bodies in their work. 

The video features a bright landscape full of thotties and palm trees. It’s a distinct shift from the typical Detroit iconography, but the warning melody in the beat hits right. Babyface Ray keeps it Detroit even when out of the city. It’s not a vibe one can hide. 

Midwestern Bops Stay Underrated

When people think about bangers they’re more likely to think about the LA and NYC music scenes, but from Motown to Drill, the Midwest has been driving popular American music over different centuries. Babyface Ray might not blow right now, but the authentic confidence he exudes is going to get a bit for sure. 

Get ahead of the curve and take your Midwestern influence straight for the source. Music has been popping in 2019, and it’s going to keep being lit in 2020. Babyface Ray is a good new artist to pick up, unless you with it, then you know you’ve been bumping this. 

Babyface Ray’s YouTube channel only features 2 videos, including “Hall of Fame”. Now is the perfect time to start digging his music, as he’s already getting 400,000k views on a video in less than a month. Once somebody gets a bite in Detroit, they don’t let go. Ray isn’t going to just fade away.

Look Out For Babyface Ray in 2020

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