This last Friday the homies at TownTV threw a party at Neumos and The Bad Tenants, Nick Weaver, Marshall Law Band, and Lone Wolf and Kub all slew. The night was seamlessly hosted by the ever lovely Scarlet Parke, and I vibed so hard that it may have done permanent damage. The sweat was flying, the dancing endless, and the performances by each group memorable as hell.

TownTV is putting on another gig tomorrow down in Columbia City featuring the popular Chicago-based hip-hop duo, The Palmer Squares. Check that out, definitely.

Lone Wolf and Kub

Eastern Washington based father-son hip-hop duo, Lone Wolf and Kub kicked off the evening at Neumos with passion and flare. The energy they put out was palpable in the room, and then some.

Daddy on the mic, Lone Wolf AKA Shao Sosa, is a veteran to the rap game with over two decades clocked writing rhymes and rocking shows. His son, Kub AKA Nobi, had bars for days and you could feel the ease and comfort that the two share on stage.

Keep an eye on these two and what they’ll be up to this year! Don’t sleep!

Marshall Law Band

These guys emanated vibes out the literal window at Neumos that night. I felt the energy hard and couldn’t stop moving. When a hip-hop group features a full band and a charismatic guy on tenor sax, which doesn’t really happen, it’s hella fun to watch. The vocals from Marshall on their debut single “Head Nod,” combined with his band’s sound, came out near-identical to the recording.

I look for that kind of stuff; being able to recreate your recording in a live setting with a full band. It’s impressive, and like I said, fun as hell to watch. I talked with these guys a bit and they’re definitely sitting on something huge, so keep it locked because there’s more content to come. These dudes will be rocking our stage at Hoopfest this month on the 29th. Scope the info for that here.

The Bad Tenants

Wow. These guys can move, not to mention groove. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance, and firmly recommend catching these guys rock a set if you couldn’t make it to Neumos. Fancy footwork from Bellingham rapping duo, Casey G, and Good Matters, had me feeling way more than fine. These dudes are keeping the turntable vibes alive through DJ Idlhnds, who was scratching smooth throughout the set—I was feeling it.

Check out this video they dropped last year and vibe out veritably.

Bad Tenants are on some old-school vinyl revival trip, but it’s clean and modern in a way that I find refreshing. I had a chance to chat with these guys and they were gems. I expect them to be making palpable moves this year and you’d be remiss not to get a piece of the action. We recently covered a single they dropped that you need to know about!

Nick Weaver At Neumos

You don’t see many double-headliner styled shows at Neumos, or really anywhere these days, so Nick Weaver’s addition was a real treat. This guy has style and presence in spades, ladies, and gentlemen. I couldn’t take my eyes off the spectacle. Scarlet Parke even hopped up and danced on stage as he was dropping bar after bar. I was mesmerized. My cup was metaphorically raised throughout the set while Nick played through some of his new material, as well as cuts from his EP, “Photographs of Other People.”

Show Recap: The Bad Tenants And Nick Weaver SOLD OUT Neumos!

The guy has been putting out content since 2013 and laid low for a bit, but it seems like his tenacity and hustle have now reached new levels. He was grinding in LA for a bit, but family reasons have brought him back (hopefully for a while) to our own 206. Scope his content and get to know him! He’ll be popping up around the city soon and you need to catch a glimpse!

Here’s a video he put out last year as well. Enjoy!

Thanks again to the homies at TownTV! You always treat me like a prince. I think of you all as the same and always look forward to what the future holds for our biggest moves.