Start 2020 with a track from Sada Baby and G Herbo. “Baklava” is a shot with a chaser. Detroit titan Sada Baby keeps the song littered with oneliners and his infectious flow. Chicago legend G Herbo finishes the track with a minimalistic delivery as he slides in bar after bar until the beat drops. 

“I smoke weed until I can’t smoke weed.” 

Sada Baby keeps the first verse on “Baklava” banging. His energy is irrefutable as he jumps over the beat with his varied moods. This is a trademark of the Detroit rapper who continues to blow up in popularity. He regularly racks up millions of views on a video, and he just dropped the mixtape “Brolik.”

Mixing patience with aggression, Sada is able to create an effortlessly threatening flow. His skill keeps his bars far above the typical pop verse. Still, the man is catchier than practically anything on the normie radio. “Baklava”‘s bass dribbles like hydraulics, and it proves itself as a bonafide bop. 

Sada Baby – Baklava Feat. G Herbo

“Walk in Mama House It’s Marble On The Kitchen Floor.”

G Herbo picks up after Sada’s explosive verse with a truly low-key delivery. While most murmur and mumble about being lit and rich, G Herbo talks about life like it’s real. On “Baklava” he proves again he’s no fan, he’s a veteran. Herbo’s sober contribution perfectly ends the song like ketamine dulls a trip. 

“Baklava” is meant to go off, which it does right off the top. The bars are fun. A flute in the beat keeps everything energetic. G Herbo’s mellow finish doesn’t end that, but bring the night to a close. At his most ignorant and at his most mellow, Herbo is a hard act to follow. DJs would be wise to play this song at the end of sets to wrap up. It’s a blessing to get a song from these two kings of their games. 

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