What began as a guy posting his favorite songs on his Twitter for his friends to enjoy has blown up into so much more. After gaining traction from posting underground heat, artists began hitting him up for a feature on his Twitter, asking to be the “Banger Of The Day.” This is where Brandon Jurek came to the realization that he had something big on his hands.

Good things happen fast when you’re ready to receive them, and Brandon was more ready than ever. I had a chance to chat with him on the phone about the huge changes he’s made. Relocating and deciding that he was going to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Just a few years ago the guy was working 12-hour shifts at a machinery factory out in Wisconsin. Now he’s living out in LA, working with artists, and pursuing his dreams. What are you doing?

Brandon Jurek (Founder of Interview

Tell Me More About Your Situation In Wisconsin, What Events Led To You Leaving?

Brandon told me about how he was basically being worked down to the bone. He’d head home with little energy left after work to pursue any creative endeavors. He said when you’re working at a CNC Machining factory, it’s basically 12-hour days of heavy labor. Between driving an hour to and from work he said “I got so sick of it and burnt out.” Despite that, he said “I was slowly but surely still working on the Banger Of The Day idea.”

By April 2017 the site went active and Brandon was officially curating daily bangers and working with artists. Later that same year he quit his job at the factory and got in contact with Casey Reynolds. This dude who he was regularly featuring said he had a spot for him in Sherman Oaks, CA.

After moving back home with his parents for a hot second, he said: “January 2018 I drove out to LA to live and work with people I’d never met.” The journey also proved to be a treasurable experience with his father who rode along but passed away shortly after his move.


What Was It Like When You First Got To LA?

Brandon said coming to Los Angeles was a definite game-changer for his career and general role in life. “Within the first two weeks of being there I was in a music video with Shaq,” he said it was like “what I was watching on YouTube was right up in my face.”

How Did Your Career Change?

Not only was Brandon getting thrown into music videos and YouTube-esque situations, he was also rapidly building his network. [BangerOfTheDay.Com] “Went from 400 views a month to 5,000 a month,” Brandon said with a grin I could see even over the phone. He said “it’s crazy the amount of stuff that can change,” as he spoke about his 4-bedroom in Woodland Hills he never dreamt he’d be living in currently.

He also spoke about having other people working on the project with him and being able to give them their dues. “I now have two writers that are paid. We love using SubmitHub. You can even get retweets from bigger artists if you give them a dope review,” Brandon said about expanding his business.

What Have You Learned About Social Networking Since Moving?

Immediately Brandon said—“you need a team.” He followed that up with very bluntly saying “you need to be around like-minded people or else you can’t grow.” He also went on to discuss the importance of having a solid email subscriber list and having back-up accounts in case the powers-that-be disable your account without reason.

What Plans Do You Have To Expand Your Brand?

Brandon spoke about meeting a special lady in LA that shares his vision for the hustle. She’s going to focus on handling the merchandise aspect of Banger Of The Day, as they hope to have ample items available for purchase in the near future.

Another expansion in the pipeline is Brandon’s idea for a talk-show that really engages artists and avails personal anecdotes of interest. This would include playing games based off of song titles, and to bring out different sides of an artist of interest you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Banger Of The Day Tour?

Other interests with the Banger Of The Day brand include a tour that showcases all the premium artists that Brandon has come to work with closely.

Do You Stick To A Certain Genre? What All Do You Encompass With

The go-to genres that Brandon began focusing on were Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop, and R&B. He’s since found a way to encompass all the genres he enjoys in the version of mood-specific Spotify playlists. He’s recently put together a laudable selection under the name “Play With Bae,” encouraging songs to play with your significant other.

He’s also put together compilations like “Bangers Of The Week,” “Ladies First,” and “Drive Vibes.” Each new playlist that Brandon has been putting together to give shine to all the fire artists reaching out to him are well over 1,000 followers and growing.

What Advice Can You Give To Aspiring Artists?

“All you can do is keep going,” Brandon said. “I’m tryna get that next wave of artists that are willing to reciprocate and grow with me.”

This is a man with drive, and vision, that verbatim said, “we’re setting it up so we can all win.”

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