“Wanna smoke some SEXY?” This is what my good friend Network would ask me. It never had more relevance than it does now. This new strain that Bay Area influencer Shelly (@prettyprettyshelly) is introducing is called “BANK DANK.” You find a lot of new strains on Leafly or WeedMaps, but I found this one on Instagram. From the Bay Area’s 510 comes this new strain worth trying.

Shelly is an independent entrepreneur, diversifying her brand with this new cultivar. She has formally come into the cannabis industry making quick moves to push her new strain. The name speaks for itself on the front and backside of the packaging. This brand comes out of Oakland, California where most of the “Good Good” has been available years long before Prop 215 was even a thing. Any cannasseur should definitely consider checking this item out. I personally can’t wait get my hands on some.

BANK DANK by @prettyprettyshelly

BANK DANK was first noticed in an Instagram post from early March 2020 and after contacting her she offers the Eighth with delivery for only fifty bucks. The packaging is excellent in my opinion. The front is attractive complementing the name with pictures of Shelly herself, and a pile of cash and coin. On the back you can see fat nuggets that do not look too dense, nor too sticky. Just an FYI for all you old school rollers who still crumble by hand.

This looks like a really good product with a brilliant marketing tactic in-play on her part. So far there seems to be a very good social media response to the product with her following growing by the hundreds on a daily basis.

Go look on her page and read some of the comments for proof. There is so much hype going on behind her hustle, there is a song and video already produced and going viral by a local artist, DNI Mike. When you hit her up and order some “BANK DANK,” post a pic online tag  #Bankdank and say what you think. See how it compares with Monster Cookies or Eye Candy.


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