A couple of days ago, Benny Blanco announced on Instagram that he will be releasing music under his own name and identity as an artist.

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hello everyone over the past few months i have been able to check off a few things on my bucket list… working on ye, kids see ghosts, and nas' album.. im just sitting here waiting for my mom to wake me up and say im late for school… but it hasn't happened yet… ha! when i was a kid i used to think about music from the moment my eyes opened until they closed… i used to run home from school to look up liner notes online and print em out and try to guess who made the beats then uncover the produced by section and see if i was right… i used find all the samples of my favorite songs and try to remake the beats the same exact way… i used to watch every video on mtv and bet glued to the fucking screen… i used to listen to music in the car and sing along to every word while emotionally looking out the window and pretending i was in the video… i used to look at my parents and say "there is no plan b" and "im gonna make it"… i was scared as hell but fearless all at the same time… music is magic… we have to treat it that way… i have been thinking about my future and how i want the rest of my career to unfold… i have decided to release some songs as benny blanco… don't worry i wont be singing on them with my shitty nasally jewish voice… i got all my friends to sing em… hope u like them… and if u dont i dont care cuz i do… love, benny

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If you’re unfamiliar with who Benny is, it’s time to get familiar. He’s one of the biggest names behind the scenes of the music production scene. Ed Sheehan, Halsey, Major Lazer, The Weeknd, Kanye, and Nas is just a couple names that he’s worked with.

“Eastside” featuring Halsey and Khalid is the first song he has released since the big announcement. I’d describe this song as soft and beautiful with a hint of nostalgia. Khalid and Halsey’s vulnerable and delicate vocals about young love fits in perfectly with Benny’s amazing production.

The video gives us a glimpse into Benny and Halsey’s past and also their first loves. The video and story-telling style is very similar to Cashmere Cat’s “9 (After Coachella)” video. The “Eastside” video will remind you of your roots and of your first love. Prepare some tissue at hand because you might find yourself in your feels.

Benny Blanco Feat. Halsey and DJ Khalid

We can expect more music from Benny very soon as he’s cooking up some more music with other artists such as Francis and the Lights.