Hip-hop artist and cannabis industry mogul, Berner, came to Seattle for a recent episode of Marijuana Mania. The multi-faceted hustler explored local retail & production companies and probably gave the world the best visual look into the new ‘legal’ cannabis industry.

Marijuana Mania episode 3 starts off at two of Seattle’s most well-known pot shops, Uncle Ikes and Have A Heart. Uncle Ike’s menu overwhelmed Bern which gave their budtenders a chance to walk him through available products. You can’t smell or view product in a recreation store, hence why branding and budtender knowledge is crucial to the consumer. Berner was impressed with the branding in Washington but wished for a higher quality bud.

“To be able to walk into a store and buy marijuana legally feels amazing. But the the connoisseur in me is a little disappointed.” – Berner

After checking out the local shops, Berner headed over to hang with the Northwest Cannabis Solutions team. NWCS is the number one producer/processor in the state and their grow facility is quite amazing. With 59, 394 lbs of cannabis produced a year, NWCS has process unlike anyone else. They grow each strain in it’s own space and keep plants in mobile pots which allows them to be moved into the center area for trimming and other work.

This episode of Marijuana Mania was our favorite for obvious reasons. Now that Berner’s new clothing and glass store is open in Belltown, we hope he will show even more love to Washington’s cannabis industry.

In the mass production of marijuana, business overcomes passion and consumers have felt a lack of quality in products compared to the medical industry. Berner had some thoughts in conclusion. As a true connoisseur he questioned if ‘big cannabis’ will ruin the culture of the weed game.

“Somebody asked me a question. Bern will recreational marijuana ruin the culture?  It’s kind of hard to say this…but I think it does.” – Berner

Washington State Pot Shops | Diego Pellicer