There are a few cannabis brands that offer tasty live-resin cartridges that I’ve come to know down the West Coast. Buddies Brand is one of them and specifically has made a line of live resin “Liquid Diamonds” that boast incredible flavor and strain-specific effects.

I recently picked up a 510 thread of their Berry Bomb strain that exemplifies what I believe Buddies is trying to achieve. After just one full-length rip, I can now truly taste the difference between a distillate and sauce mixture up against a live-resin extraction.

The Berry Bomb strain itself is a powerful cross between Blueberry and Bomb #1 that amounts to palpable indica effects. Buddies took a known sedative strain that boasts prominent berry flavor profiles and put it through their single-source form of BHO extraction. The result is a pleasantly viscous live resin “Liquid Diamonds” that reeks of sweetness. There’s also a pinch of earthy gas and what smells and tastes like a mixture of limonene and myrcene. After several rips off my CCell Palm I could immediately tell this was going to sit me down for a minute.

Berry Bomb Liquid Diamonds

Buddies Brand is able to achieve a noticeable amount of flavor without using any additives or flavorings by sticking to their patented process. They take cannabis and freshly freeze it within an hour of harvest to preserve incredible amounts of terpenes and active cannabinoid compounds. This is just one of the many reasons that prove how they’re going the extra mile to preserve terpenes and deliver unadulterated effects.

I prefer live resin because it offers full-spectrum effects, which you can’t necessarily get from a distillate and sauce mix. It’s like having a dab in your pocket. I typically always choose full-spectrum oil even when it comes to edibles. This is because the entourage effect and medicinal properties are more prevalent.

What’s nice about Buddies Brand products is that I know they have products available in Washington, Oregon, and California. When I’ve spent time in each of these other states I’ve noticed you typically find different strains but the same reliable extraction methods. It makes them an easy go-to if I’m in a different spot down the West Coast and I need a reliable vape.


  • THC: 73.2%

Berry Bomb Live-Resin Liquid Diamonds Cart Overview

  • Indica
  • Genetics: Blueberry x Bomb #1
  • Aroma: Berries, Citrus, Gas
  • Flavor: Sweet, Floral, Earthy

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Berry Bomb Live Resin Liquid Diamonds - Buddies Brand
8.4Overall Score
Product Appeal8
Would You Recommend?8.3

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