In early October, Respect My Region traveled to California to determine whose weed was really the best in California. Our trip took us down the West Coast, with pit stops in Humboldt County, Mendocino, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles.

The cannabis that we smoked took us on a tour de flavors. Different strains, some only available in California, provided us with a great opportunity to experience cannabis in new ways.

Creating this list allowed us to make connections with some of the coolest canna-cats on the West Coast. We hung out with some great shops and even toured some incredible farms along the way.  Creating this list of the best weed in California brought back some great memories and we hope that you enjoy each of these products as much as we did.


The following list is not organized based on any particular order or ranking system. To read our official review and see our ratings, click the link!

Team Elite Genetics – Peach Ozz

“If I didn’t know any better I would have believed that someone opened a bag of peach rings candy near me. However, that just happens to be the potent smell this cannabis gives off.”

Peach Ozz Cannabis Review (Feat. Team Elite Genetics)

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

Cookies Fam – London Poundcake 53

“Each flower has dark-purple and violet hues covering the surface; abundant amounts of bright orange hairs combined with dark purples and greens give this flower a spooky Halloween feel. London Poundcake 53 emits earthy-pine aromas with plenty of berry and grape notes to give this strain a spicy and sweet balance.”

What Makes Cookies London Poundcake 53 So Dank?

Team Elite Genetics – J1

“A lemon aroma leaked out of the jar as I cracked it open, filling the air with a refreshing summer aroma. The nugs are a combination of green and brown creating an almost orange tint on the cannabis.”

J1 Cannabis Review (Feat. Team Elite Genetics)

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

West Coast Trading Company – Banana God

“Banana God is the perfect strain for the next blunt session at the homies crib. A unique combination of tropical kush flavors and well-rounded effects makes Banana God awesome for social situations. Break this strain out to impress the entire circle.”

West Coast Trading Company Cannabis Review (Feat. Banana God Strain)

Coachella Premium Cannabis – Blue Dream (Concentrate)

“The first dab I took was larger than I expected. Starting from my calves and feet that total body relaxation effect typically associated with Blue Dream quickly made its way through the rest of my body. Eventually, the high hit my head and I became spacey.”

Blue Dream Concentrate Review (Prod. Coachella Premium Cannabis)

Buddy Buddy Indoor – Purple Punch

“Each one carefully coated in a faint dusting of powdered sugar. The green color of the nugs and the faint dusting they’ve received remind me of the Christmas trees that people buy preloaded with snow. These are beautiful nugs that deserve the utmost attention.”

Purple Punch Strain Review (Feat. Buddy Buddy Indoor)

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

Caviar Gold – Moon Rocks

“The materials required to make them are easier to access with recreational markets. Created using flower, oil, and kief they are very material intensive. The result is definitely worth it and Caviar Gold is supplying California with rocks.”

Moon Rock Review (Feat. Caviar Gold Cannabis)

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

Mother Earth Farms – Donkey Butter

“Breaking the weed down reveals indigo-blue colors stretching through the stem. This flower leaves its gassy wooden terps on your fingers long after you’ve stopped touching the weed. This indica-hybrid strain has terpy smoke. An uplifting blend of earth, herbal and gas flavors are present in every hit of Donkey Butter.”

Donkey Butter Cannabis Strain Review (Prod. Mother Earth Farms)

West Coast Sunrise – 501 OG

“Each one a deep shade of green similar to the Holly leaves that will start appearing on doors. A pungent earthy smell fills the room when cracking the jar. Each nug felt like squeezing a rock between my fingers. There was no give at all. No cushion. Just dense tightly packed cannabis buds.”

501 OG Strain Review (Feat. West Coast Sunrise)

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

Fleur D’Elite – 99 Cookies

“Cookies based cannabis strains have been all the rage. 99 Cookies from Fleur D’Elite is powerhouse hybrid. Genetics come from Forum Cut Cookies, Cinderella 99, and an OG Kush with Chem cross.”


What Makes 99 Cookies from Fleur D'Elite So Dank?

Photo Credit: Fleur D’Elite

Funky OG – Funky OG

“A light green background dominates each of nug with darker patches scattered throughout. Even with my congested nose, I could smell a funky piney earthy smell permeate from the jar. As the Seahawks vs Packers game started I smoked through my first bowl of the night.”



Funky OG Strain Review (Feat. Funky OG)

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

Do you agree with our selections? Did we forget any strains? Should Biscotti or another classic Cali strain have been included? Let us know in the comments!