The third annual West Coast Weed Tour has come to a close and we found over 300 products to review this year from Washington, Oregon, and California. We’ve been able to establish some phenomenal connections with some of the leading brands in the industry. It was hard to choose ten winners for Best Flower when we had such strong entries.

The following winners represent some of the best flower you can find in the entire state of California.

The Best Weed In California

Maven Genetics – Gelato Gas 97.5

Maven Genetics won our hearts with their Gelato Gas strain. We believe this is one of the best legal cannabis products you can find in California. In addition to its outstanding piney and creamy gelato flavor and trichome-rich nug appeal, the price of this eighth was agreeable. We found this eighth typically going for around $44-60, which considering its quality, is a steal. Maven Genetics continues to produce consistently high-quality cannabis that doesn’t break the bank. This is without a doubt one of the best flower options for cannabis in California.

The Cure Company – Marathon OG 97

It wouldn’t be a West Coast Weed Tour without reviewing some of The Cure Company’s Marathon OG. This hallmark strain hand-picked by Nipsey himself has been a favorite of ours for years. We think it might take the crown for the best cut of OG you can find around the state of California. The strong lemon, pine, and earthy flavors made for a sedative and blissful high we will always come back to. Respect to The Cure Co for cultivating some of the best flower in California.

The Cure Company – PGMO 97

The Cure Company’s Purple Garlic Mushroom Onion (PGMO) strain caught our attention not only for its name, but also its delightful, smooth, and flavor-packed experience. Oddly smelling similar to its namesake, this hitter was sweet, sour, funky, musky, garlicky, oniony, and made our nostrils flare. The experience alone was worth giving it a score of 97. The Cure Company continues to impress us each year and once again delivered one of the best flower items for the state of California.

The Cure Company PGMO Full

Glass House Farms – Do-Si-Dos 95.5

We are no strangers to the Do-Si-Dos strain, and we’ve probably reviewed over ten different cuts. Regardless, Glass House Farms came to play with their Do-Si-Dos strain that gave us a surprisingly pleasant experience. The effects came on heavy and the flavor was smooth, piney, and gassy. The terpene profile was also listed on the packaging which further sealed the deal for us. The dark green and dense buds along with the detailed and clean packaging made this offering of Do-Si-Dos from Glass House Farms a winner.

Glass House Farms – GMO 95.25

The GMO strain from glasshouse farms smelled of garlic, mushrooms, and onions all at the same time. Mixed in with some piney weed scent, this strain hit hard and quick. Definitely recommend picking this up if you come across it. Really enjoyed the packaging and branding that went into this series too. 

THC Design – Crescendo 95

We’ve come across THC Design a few times and we’ve never been disappointed. This time around we got our hands on their Crescendo strain and it was incredibly potent. The total cannabinoids were over 32% with notably high THC. In addition to that, we were hit with a solid wave of pine and gas that led to a heavy high. This strain was sold to us on the pretense of it potentially improving one’s sex life, but we can’t confirm the truth in that statement after this review. The high was definitely enjoyable though.

Cannatique – Lemon Cherry Gelato 95

Some people are calling Cannatique’s Lemon Cherry Gelato the best weed in Los Angeles. So naturally, we had to review it. The flavor on this exotic strain was delicious and gave off a wide array of flavors. We picked up creamy Gelato gas along with pine, and pungent herbaceousness that did the trick. The smoke tingled our nostrils as the Lemon Cherry Gelato took us to a blissful high.

NUG – Premium Jack 95

The Premium Jack strain from NUG came in sleek, informative packaging that checked off all the boxes we were looking for. We got the signature Jack smell from first opening up the jar. The buds were incredibly dense and closely packed with trichomes that gave it the right amount of stickiness. After a couple of bowls of NUG’s Premium Jack, we were ready to attack the day and remain active.

The Premium Jack Strain Review Featuring NUG In California

Wonderbrett – Beyond Blueberry 94

Wonderbrett is undeniably one of the more hyped up brands in California. This Long Beach brand comes from the legendary grower that supplied many smokers with top shelf during the late 90s and early 2000s. Their Beyond Blueberry felt fancy from the minute we opened up the packaging. We ripped a bowl in a bong and were instantly hit with pungent blueberry flavor that came with some creamy notes.

Ember Valley – Jack Cake 92

Ember Valley is another popular Californian cannabis grower we’re familiar with. Their Jack Cake strain was noteworthy for its super sweet, piney, and earthy spiciness. We found it to be the perfect marriage of Jack Herer and Wedding Cake. During our review, we were able to take a few rips from our PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer that really brought the terpene profile to life.

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